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‘Pawn Stars’: Here’s the One Item Rick Harrison is Desperate to Get His Hands On

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

“Pawn Stars” frontman Rick Harrison has seen some really bizarre junk in his life. The star regularly gets to examine unusual items – both valuable and worthless – as well as hear some incredibly interesting backstories.

Between his experience running the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and estimating the value of countless items, Harrison is undoubtedly hard to impress. The shop, based just outside Las Vegas, has grown famous over the last several years.

Tourists flock to the spot to check out the goods as well as to try and get a glimpse of the stars themselves.

Harrison’s Wishlist Item

The History Channel show is a wild success. What with the added humor from its characters as well as the cool history of each piece of treasure brought in. Throughout the years, the “Pawn Stars” team has seen a number of artifacts. Everything from weapons, books, jewelry, and a slew of strange other heirlooms.

However, as the season wraps up its 17th season, Harrison shares what items he still wishes he could get his hands on – and it might not be what you expected.

“I collect books and one thing I would love to get are some books by Giordano Bruno, the martyr of science. He was absolutely one of the craziest figures in history,” Harrison said in an interview with Fox News.

Harrison goes on to describe the history of the item.

“He was ultimately burned at the stake after being sentenced to death by the Roman Inquisition for his heretical ideas — everyone should learn about him at one point in their lives. His books were ultimately wiped out from existence. Obtaining one today is definitely up there for me.”

That’s definitely one thing that would be interesting to see. The history buff still has plenty of time to get his hands on the rare book. We hope he finds it!

When “Pawn Stars” Customers Bring in Illegal Items

Though Rick Harrison is not new to odd or questionable memorabilia, he still has to be careful what he purchases from customers.

Such is the case of the shooting desk. No really, there was a desk that shoots bullets. The odd thing was brought in by a woman who purchased it at an estate sale.

“I have never seen one before. I have no idea what this thing is, I only buy guns that are made 1898 and back. That makes it an antique firearm that doesn’t haven’t to be registered with the ATF or anything like that,” Rick said.

After the experts took a look, they believed the item was probably intended to be used as a movie prop. However, the desk-gun was fully capable of firing a bullet through a trapdoor.

Ultimately, Harrison passed on the item. It would bring him legal trouble due to the fact that it’s classified as a concealed weapon.

Harrison suggested she take it to a gunsmith to get it deactivated. Here’s hoping she found a solution.