‘Pawn Stars’: Here’s Why Corey Considered Quitting the Show

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Bryan Steffy/WireImage)

‘Pawn Stars’ fans know that Richard Harrison is the king of the business.

That said, every king must pass his throne to his successor at some point. And over the show’s last few decadess, Richard has done just that. First, he trained his oldest son, Rick, to take over the business. And now, Corey Harrison is next in line. However, “Pawn Stars” fans know that Corey is a bit of a wildcard. As the youngest son of the Harrison family, Corey doesn’t have the experience that his dad and grandpa have in the pawning business. That’s totally understandable. But it has also proven to be a bit frustrating when Corey made mistakes that cost the business money. Nevertheless, whatever Corey lacks in experience, he makes up for with charisma and positive energy. We wouldn’t want to see a “Pawn Stars” episode without Corey.

Corey Harrison Considered Leaving ‘Pawn Stars’

However, there was a time when Corey considered leaving the business. During the seventh season of “Pawn Stars” Corey shook things up a little with the family when he made some demands. He demanded that he receive his fair share of the pawn shop partnership.

Over the next three episodes, the family navigated a bit of controversy as a result of the demand. All this drama came to a boiling point in the 10th episode of the season titled “The Offer.” During the episode, Corey reveals that he landed another job opportunity outside the shop. He tells his father and grandfather that he’s thinking of leaving the shop for the new job unless he receives 10 percent partnership in the store. This decision causes even more drama as the two men try to decide how to respond to Corey’s demands. Luckily, the Harrison’s are a close-knit family, so the discussions never get too heated.

Eventually, this issue is resolved in the episode titled “Take the Money and Run.” Corey’s grandfather and father eventually give in to Corey’s demand. However, they adjust the deal a bit. Instead of giving Corey 10 percent of the business, they give him five percent with the potential of getting a larger percentage in the future. Corey is satisfied with the deal and decides to stay on the show. And obviously, the deal stuck because all of this occurred in 2012 and the show has aired 10 seasons since then – all featuring Corey. We’d love to know if Corey has worked up to that 10 percent partnership yet!

We’re just glad that Corey stayed with the show, and we can’t wait to see what comes next for all the stars. Catch new episodes of “Pawn Stars” on Saturdays on the History Channel and other streaming services.