‘Pawn Stars’: A High Altitude Suit Causes High Stakes Negotiations

by Keeli Parkey

Interesting items often come through the doors for the stars of “Pawn Stars” to examine and – possibly – purchase. In a clip from season nine, one item practically flew through the doors.

This item is a high-altitude helmet and suit that was used by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The customer who brought it in said he was hoping to get $2,000 out of the suit. He also said that he would not take less than $800.

In the clip, “Pawn Stars” star Corey Harrison says that the high altitude suit and helmet did come from the 1980s during the Cold War between the United States of America and the Soviet Union. He also shares a brief history lesson of the famous conflict.

“The Cold War was a crazy time. I mean, the United States and the Soviet Union competed for everything – gymnastics in the Olympics, all the way from the military to the space race. I mean, it was scary. Almost every day there were talks about us nuking each other. They had just as many nukes as us. And it was mutually assured destruction, is what it was called. That’s why we never went to war with them – is because there wouldn’t be a winner. Everybody would just die,” Harrison explained.

After his brief history lesson about the Cold War, “Pawn Stars” star Corey Harrison then asks the inevitable question: “What are you looking to get out of it?”

The customer tells Harrison that he wants $2,000. After hearing that offer, Harrison decides to bring in a friend, Clark County Museum Administrator Mark Hall-Patton, to review the item. Hall-Patton confirms that the suit is a high altitude Soviet suit from the Cold War era.

“The problem with going up that high is that as you go higher and higher and higher and you can’t just breathe whatever’s in the air because they’re not enough oxygen up there. These high pressure suits make sure that you have the right amount of oxygen in your system and replace the air pressure that is not there,” Hall-Patton explains. “So, if you weren’t wearing one of these things you’d end up getting the bends, in effect. Nitrogen would bubble out in your bloodstream. You’d pass out from lack of oxygen before that, but it would kill you.”

Corey Harrison and Customer Negotiate for High Altitude Suit from the Soviet Union

After hearing from Hall-Patton, “Pawn Stars” star Corey Harrison tells the customer that he isn’t willing to pay $2,000 for the suit. The customer counters with an offer of $1,500. Harrison tells him that is also too high and then offers $750.

That is too low for the customer. He says he won’t go any lower than $850. Harrison again refuses. And the customer counters – this time with $800. Again, Harrison refuses to go higher than $750. The customer finally gives in. The “Pawn Stars” star then buys the suit for $750.

You can watch this history lesson – and the high stakes negotiations – about this suit on “Pawn Stars” below.