‘Pawn Stars’ Icon Rick Harrison Honors Military with Epic Photo

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Eric Catarina/Getty Images)

Rick Harrison grew up in a military family. His late dad, Old Man Richard Harrison and Pawn Stars co-star was a 20-year Navy veteran. So, Rick respects the armed forces.

Last night, he got a chance to hang out with some U.S. Marines at a Las Vegas casino and shared a photo of their meeting on Instagram.

“I was hanging out with some incredible young men last night #heros#patriots#USMC,” he captioned the post.

The Pawn Stars star said he got his respect for the military from his dad who taught him the value of military service.

The Old Man served in the Navy from 1958-1979 and loved his time as a sailor.

“I spent 14 years onboard ships, and I was gone a lot,” Harrison told Navy Times in a 2014 interview. “That’s the only thing I didn’t care for.”

Harrison didn’t plan on making a career out of it, though. He enlisted and signed up for four years. Once his time was up, he returned home to his wife and young daughter, Sherry. Harrison returned to the Navy fourteen months later as medical bills were piling up to treat his daughter’s down syndrome.

“My daughter had medical bills … I’ll be honest with you, I couldn’t afford the medical,” he said. “Me and the wife talked it over, and I went back in the Navy. I enjoyed it.”

The couple went on to have three boys. Rick being the youngest. They’re the reason Richard Harrison ended up leaving the Navy.

“Out of 20 years, I was deployed about 10,” Harrison told Navy Times. “That’s a lot of time. … The only reason I got out was that I had three teenage boys, and the wife couldn’t handle them.”

He died in 2018.

‘Pawn Stars’ Fans Notice Something Different About Chumlee

If you watch Pawn Stars, you know Chumlee as the dimwitted sidekick to best friend Corey and a thorn in Rick Harrison’s side. You’ll also know he’s a bit on the heavy side. Or should I say was?

Chumlee recently posted a photo to Facebook that show a dramatic change in his appearance. The Pawn Stars character, whose real name is Austin Lee Russell, dropped more than 150 pounds. He’s almost unrecognizable in his latest pics.

“Can you believe it, I’ve lost over 150lbs !! How many people out there have always struggled with your weight like I did?” he wrote on the post.

Chumlee reached this massive milestone with diet and exercise, but he also had gastric sleeve surgery. Surgeons remove a portion of the stomach to make it about the size of a banana, UCLA Health explains.

Chumlee said his weight yoyoed over the years and reached 350 when he finally decided to do something about it. Now, he’s at 190 and says he plans to keep it off.