‘Pawn Stars’: A Map from 1650 Costs Rick Harrison a Lot

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Interim Archives/Getty Images)

When Pawn Stars shop owner Rick Harrison took a vacation to the U.K., he came home with a map of the U.S. While visiting a fellow pawnshop owner in England, the Sin City celebrity decided to stop by a cartography shop to see if he could add any items to his own collection. Lucky for Harrison, the store had a section full of North American maps, including one from 1650.

Before he could show Harrison this expensive item, though the store attendant showed the Pawn Stars shop owner a map of Nevada back when it was still a territory in 1862. At the time, miners had just begun to uncover supplies of silver in the west.

The next map that the cartographer had in store for the Pawn Stars shop owner was a land development map of Las Vegas from 1920. Although Gold & Silver Pawn Shop certainly wasn’t around back then, Harrison could still point out his plot on the paper. Lastly, the store clerk placed a rare map of the United States in from of Harrison, stating that it was one of the only maps of the country from the Dutch Golden Age.

Take a look at the Pawn Stars shop owner’s findings in the clip below.

Although the Pawn Stars shop owner was equally impressed with all three maps, $12,332 was a steep price to drop for them. So, he decided to purchase the territory of Nevada and the map of the U.S. for a total of $10,150.

‘Pawn Stars’ Shop Owner Brings Home Legendary Musician’s Boots

Finally, the Pawn Stars celebrity then visited his friend’s shop, Regal Pawn in Chester, England. Here, his buddy, Big Mark, told him of an amazing find, an authentic pair of legendary vocalist Elton John. In the rockstar’s classic style, the boots were leather with several straps and gold buckles on the sides. John is one of the U.K’s most renowned singers (besides Queen and The Beatles, Harrison’s friend added), so Rick knew they were a must-have.

Willing to play Big Mark’s game, Harrison asked for the price. What he didn’t expect, though, was that his good friend would start with such a high number. The Pawn Stars affiliate started the bargaining at £1,700 or $2,558. Watching the two pawnshop owners face off in a haggling war was much like a scene out of National Geographic. Like two stags locking antlers, neither wanted to budge too much and let their opponent get away with the win.

Thankfully, though, the friends came to an amicable agreement at £1,325 or $1,994. With business out of the way, the Pawn Stars celebrity went back to enjoying his vacation and embarked on The Beatles tour of Liverpool with Big Mark.