‘Pawn Stars’: One Customer’s Blinged Out Necklace that Belonged to Famed Singer Is Worth a Fortune

by Clayton Edwards

Fans of Pawn Stars expect some wild items to come through the door of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. However, some pieces are more mind-blowing than others. For instance, they once got their hands on a revolver owned by the legendary Buffalo Bill. The blinged-out necklace that walked through the door in the season nine episode “Whodunit” was more modern and possibly rarer than that gun.

A customer named Kurt came in carrying a small black case and gave it a big introduction. “I have the most important piece of jewelry by a Las Vegas icon: Liberace,” he told Rick. The Pawn Stars was pretty surprised to see a piece of the legendary singer’s bling in his store. Additionally, he explained that his grandmother loved Liberace. He added, “I’m not gonna lie. I’ve got some respect for the guy.”

Kurt said that he picked up the necklace because it was the “premier piece” at the auction where he bought it. Then, he and the Pawn Stars crew went about filling everyone in on who Liberace was. The owner of the piece said, “He was an iconic figure.” Rick had a few more details about the pianist. “I know he was the highest-paid in the world for a good fifteen years.” Chumlee had to know if Liberace made more than Elvis. He did, according to Rick. He continued saying that Liberace was supposedly the fastest pianist in the world. Additionally, he was a Las Vegas mainstay. At one point, Rick calls him “Mr. Las Vegas.”

Can the ‘Pawn Stars’ Crew Seal the Deal?

Rick Harrison told the Pawn Stars audience, “Liberace was a huge celebrity in his day. He was one of the biggest stars in Vegas. Almost 20 years after his death, he’s still a major icon. So, to have one of his signature jewelry pieces would be absolutely amazing.” He didn’t even know how special the necklace was yet.

Kurt explained that, according to paperwork he got with the piece at the auction, the necklace was Liberace’s favorite. He wore it every day. Additionally, he showed the Pawn Stars crew photos of the legendary pianist wearing the necklace.

After they talked about the piece a little more, it was time to get down to business. Kurt was upfront. He said he wanted to get $25 grand out of the piece. Of course, Rick didn’t agree. In a surprise move for some Pawn Stars fans, he didn’t call in an expert. Instead, he fired off a counteroffer of $10 grand. However, Kurt wasn’t willing to haggle with Rick on this one. “I didn’t come in here asking for $100,000. I just thought it was totally reasonable asking for twenty-five.”

In the end, neither man would budge and Kurt ended up keeping his piece of bling history.