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‘Pawn Stars’: One Man’s Tool Box Is Another Man’s Treasure

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Dick Whittington Studio/Corbis via Getty Images)

Time and again, Pawn Stars shows fans that just because an item has a bit of rust doesn’t mean it’s worthless. Everyone’s knee-jerk reaction when digging through old collectibles is to throw away anything that isn’t in pristine condition. But with a little bit of love, you can bring out the natural beauty in just about anything.

Back in Season 16, a seller walked in with what looked like a rusted old toolbox, Pawn Stars celebrity Corey Harrison couldn’t get his hands on it fast enough. The seller knew that the toolbox was an old-style Indian motorcycle toolbox, but he didn’t realize just how valuable the piece was. Harrison explained that the memorabilia was actually an important part of bike history. He estimated that the toolbox was from around 1936 or 1939.

“When you buy a car today, you expect to have a car with a warranty, and they’re gonna take care of it and fix it every time,” the Pawn Stars shop worker said. “Back in the day, they gave you a toolbox with it.”

Take a look at the valuable piece in the video below.

Indian motorcycles were hugely popular when they made their debut on the market in 1902. During the 1910s, the company became the largest bike manufacturer in the world. Some of the most popular models included the Scout and the Chief. After the company went out of business in 1953, bike enthusiasts began searching for any associated memorabilia. The Pawn Stars shop obtained a rare piece of motorist history.

‘Pawn Stars’ Celebrity Generously Offers Twice the Seller’s Asking Price

Usually, on Pawn Stars, the flow of the show starts with the initial inspection then moves into the expert review and appraisal and, finally, the heckling. In the end, the seller usually leaves with a bit less than they hoped so that the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop staff can still make a profit off of the piece. However, this time, Corey Harrison knew more than enough to make an educated purchase and even offered the seller more than his original asking price.

At first, the man asked for a meager $200, adding that “anything is better than nothing.”

Clearly unaware of the value of his item, he was shocked when Harrison revealed that he could sell the piece for at least $1,000. Not wanting to “rob” the seller, the Pawn Stars celebrity generously shared this information with him and offered $400.

That’s when the seller got a little greedy and raised his price to $700. This frustrated Harrison, who believed the man was taking advantage of his generosity. Still, the Pawn Stars cast member held fast to his offer of $400 and, after some coaxing, the seller shook his hand.