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‘Pawn Stars’: Rare Key Gun Packs a Punch and a Major Price

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The Pawn Stars crew gets their fair share of unique and odd items. But a customer in season 17 of the popular show brought in a rare gun that unlocked a big score.

A customer named Paul brought in a heavy iron lock from the 18th century with a strange key. The metal key doubled as a small pistol that actually packed a powerful punch. Paul wanted $5,000 for the piece, but Chumlee wanted an expert opinion first. So, he called in Alex Cranmer, CEO of International Military Antiques, who couldn’t believe what the Pawn Stars crew had stumbled upon. Not only did the key gun still fire, the lock still worked as well. Cranmer said he’d never seen one with its original working lock.

“The intended use was for jailers for self-defense and for sounding an alarm,” a description of the gun reads. “The idea being that the jailer could use the same object to open the cell door and also defend himself in the event that prisoners tried to escape or attack.”

Banks and armories also employed the guns, the site notes.

Chumlee and Rick Harrison met Paul and Cranmer at the range to try out the gun, and it didn’t disappoint. But coming to a price wasn’t as simple. Paul wanted $5,500, but Rick wouldn’t budge above $5,000. They haggled and it looked like they were at an impasse until Chumlee tossed out $5,200. Paul took the deal.

“What … How did that just happen?” Rick stammers after Chumlee buys the gun. “That’s how you close a deal,” Chumlee replies.

Despite Rick’s reservations, Chumlee made the right call. If Paul had walked, they would have lost thousands of dollars because the gun went on to sell for just under $10,000, according to Cranmer’s website.

Pawn Stars: Woman Brings In Illegal Tear Gas Baton

Weapons manufacturers try to mix functionality with defense all the time. Like the key gun, the tear gas baton was one of those hybrid weapons meant to serve two functions.

Makers created the weapon in the 1930s for police to use in prisons, asylums, and riots.

A woman brought in one of these to the Pawn Stars store hoping that it too would fetch a nice price. Unfortunately, it turns that it is “so, so illegal,” resident Pawn Stars weapons expert Alex Cranmer said. The reason is that the baton could fire a tear gas shell, but you could also load a shotgun shell into it.

“If you can get off one round, ATF says it’s a sawed-off shotgun, essentially, which is so, so illegal,” Cranmer said. “I just wouldn’t take the risk.”

Rick agreed and said he didn’t want to risk it.

“Unfortunately, it’s just too gray of an area to deal with,” Harrison said. “I’m gonna have to pass.”

While he didn’t offer any money for the piece, he did give the seller some advice. Don’t get pulled over on the ride home.