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‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Discovers Super Illegal Gun Desk That Could Shoot While Sitting Down

by John Jamison
(Photo by Larry French/Getty Images for A+E Networks)

A desk that shoots bullets walks into a pawn shop. There’s bound to be a joke in there somewhere. For now, we’ll focus on the fact that such a terrifying desk exists in the first place. Ikea is really branching out. No, in all seriousness, someone brought the contraption in for Rick on an episode of “Pawn Stars.” Little did they know, the sale of such a device is incredibly illegal.

Rick Harrison has to be careful when he makes purchases on “Pawn Stars.” There are a lot of subtleties to the legality of buying things on the secondary market. If something he buys comes up stolen, the item gets confiscated, and he’s out whatever money he paid for it in the first place. Firearms complicate things even further.

So when a woman brought in a small desk that can apparently fire a bullet at the push of a button, Rick had some questions. If you want to check the curiosity out for yourself, the first five minutes of the YouTube video below show the entire interaction.

Apparently, the seller snagged the desk at an estate sale. She was looking for something to put books on. Imagine her surprise at discovering she came home with a gun instead.

“I have never seen one before. I have no idea what this thing is, I only buy guns that are made 1898 and back. That makes it an antique firearm that doesn’t haven’t to be registered with the ATF or anything like that,” Rick said.

Rick’s gun expert was stumped seeing the desk. He guessed it was intended to be a movie prop. But not only did the firing mechanism appear functional, the trapdoor nature of the device technically classifies it as a concealed weapon.

Rick Wanted Nothing to Do With the Gun Desk

The “Pawn Stars” legend was definitely interested in owning it. After all, how many times does one encounter a gun desk in their lifetime? The problem is the legal trouble would bring more risk than the gun desk was actually worth. Rick’s gun expert suggested the seller take it to a gunsmith to have the firing mechanism deactivated. Upon that happening, it would no longer be a concealed weapon and therefore could be bought and sold freely.

Unfortunately, Rick was unable to make an offer on the unique piece of furniture. But he left the door open for the customer if she wanted to bring it back after deactivation.

‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Brought One of His Other Sons in to Work at the Shop

Okay, so “Pawn Stars” fans are all familiar with Corey Harrison. He’s been a staple on the show since it first started. But many may have been surprised to learn that Rick has a significantly younger son named Jake. Jake is Corey’s half-brother from Rick’s second marriage.

During a Season 18 episode of “Pawn Stars,” Rick finally brought the teenager into the family business. Meet Jake for yourself below.