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‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Had No Mercy for ‘Happy Days’ Star Pat Morita Signed Hat

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

During the 18th season of “Pawn Stars,” Rick Harrison saw memorabilia signed by “Happy Days” star Pat Morita come through his door. These items were connected to his beloved as Mr. Miyagi in “The Karate Kid” films.

“We have a Pat Morita, from “The Karate Kid,” autographed hat. Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio autographed photo from the “Karate Kid 2,” and a Mr. Miyagi action figure,” a customer named Amy shares in the clip.

“This is pretty cool. Mr. Miyagi – Pat Morita – was a really interesting guy. He started, literally, doing comedy in his parents’ restaurant. Eventually, he became a stand-up comedian. Then, he got his big break as being Arnold on ‘Happy Days,’” Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars” fame tells Amy.

Harrison also shares more about Morita’s career. “It was a big deal when the ‘The Karate Kid’ came out, though. That’s where everybody knows him from. I mean, I think it came out right around ’84. And it did much better than anyone thought. So, after ‘The Karate Kid,’ he’s like suddenly a megastar and (there were) multiple sequels to this. And he was in a lot of different sitcoms,” he explains.

The “Pawn Stars” star also met Pat Morita. “As a matter of fact, in the 90s I used to rent out the pawnshop to like TV shows and movies. And he filmed something in here once,” Harrison says. He even has the photo to prove it.

Customer Tells ‘Pawn Stars’ Star That Pat Morita Gave Her the Hat Off His Head

Amy also recalls how she acquired the hat and signed photo.

“I went to the signing after like a comedy show and he and his wife were there and there were hats. And I said, ‘I really like the denim one that you have. Do you have any more of those?’ And he just like took it off his head and put it on (my head). He goes, ‘It looks better on you,'” Amy shares. “I went to a ‘Karate Kid 2’ premiere and they said that Pat Morita had signed photographs.”

Then, of course, the time comes for Amy to tell the “Pawn Stars” star just how much she wanted for her items. She says she wants to sell the items “as a set.” She also says she wants $1,000.

“I have no idea what his autograph goes for,” Rick Harrison says in response. “I don’t know if he signed a lot or he signed a little.”

To help him out, Harrison brought in Steve Grad. He is the principal authenticator at Beckett Authentication Services. Grad tells Harrison and Amy that Pat Morita’s autograph can have value “if it’s on the right piece.”

Grad compares the autographs on the hat and the photo to an example of Morita’s signature. The one on the hat matches. The one on the photo, however, does not. Grad advises Harrison not to buy the photo. The hat, he says, “is wonderful” and that he “has no doubt” that Morita signed it.

Grad also prices the hat for only $100. So, Harrison offers Amy $60. She decides not to sell because the “sentimental value” is worth more to her than that.

You can check out this exchange on “Pawn Stars” below.