‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Has Bold Explanation for Why Show Isn’t Like Other Reality TV Shows

by Jacklyn Krol

Rick Harrison believes he knows the reason why Pawn Stars has been so successful. It’s unlike any other show out there.

In an interview with Fox News, Harrison spoke about how the show isn’t like anything else currently on television.

First off, most reality shows are pretty much scripted,” he began. “Mine is not. And it’s truly different every week. You can have a show about motorcycles or cars, but there’s only the only so much you can do with a motorcycle or a car every week.”

Although the show is intriguing and fun, it also is educational. Sometimes people don’t even realize that they’re learning history.

“And people want to learn,” he added. “But they don’t want to feel like they’re sitting around with a professor. I give all the history lessons and I make learning entertaining on the show.

Giving $13k More For One ‘Pawn Stars’ Item

Rick Harrison is pretty good at determining an item’s worth. And if he doesn’t know about it, he has a legion of experts in every field imaginable to examine the item themselves.

During one episode of Pawn Stars, fans witnessed something extraordinary. Harrison offered a woman almost 7x the amount she was asking for. The reason? Because he knew the item’s actual worth and wanted it to be fair.

“I actually had a lady come into my pawnshop with a Faberge brooch,” Harrison begins. “And she wanted $2,000 for it. And I just explained to her, ‘You know what? I can’t do it to you.’ I ended up giving her $15,000.”

What made the item so special and rare? Faberge jewelry is made by a famous Russian goldsmith, House of Faberge. They made the items exclusively for European royalty. So at the end of the day, he didn’t want to undercut the woman for one major reason.

“I really do believe in six degrees of separation,” he explained. “And I’m sure [good karma] works, because that woman will be worth her weight in advertising because she will tell everybody for the rest of her life what I did for her.”

How a Pawn Shop Works

In a 2011 interview with NPR, Harrison explained how the pawning process works. In rare cases, sometimes an item could be fake or stolen. Using these precautions helps keeps something like this from happening and the person getting away with it.

“Most people don’t realize how regulated the pawn industry is, especially where I’m at in Nevada,” Harrison said.

First, Harrison takes the driver’s license and inputs their number along with their physical description.

“I turn that into the local police department, and then I also turn it into Homeland Security,” he explained. “It’s part of the Patriot Act, and that goes to a central database online across the United States that checks for stolen items.”