‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison and Chumlee Take a Texas Road Trip and Fuel Up With BBQ

by Courtney Blackann

We’re not sure why “Pawn Stars” Rick Harrison and Chumlee are road tripping through the Lone Star state, but it appears they’re making the best of it. The two antique dealers were recently enjoying a plateful of Texas barbecue. And we can’t think of a better way to embark on a road trip.

In a post on Instagram, Harrison shared a photo of the two filming during a pit stop at Tony’s Backyard BBQ in Hillsboro, Texas. The place is about 20 to 30 minutes north of Waco. And it appears the two are enjoying themselves quite a bit.

Sitting in a stylized country booth with a red and white checkered table cloth, the “Pawn Stars” personalities look to be enjoying a plate of ribs and other delicious meats.

“Texas road trip with my bud @chumlee. Thank you @tonysbackyardbbq for the tasty BBQ. [They]were great! ” Harrison captioned his post.

In the shot, you can clearly see a cameraman (not getting in on the delicious meal) with his camera on his shoulders. This leads us to believe the two are filming an episode while they take their road trip. What good treasures could they be out to find?

“Pawn Stars” Rick Harrison Talks Changing Format of Show After Success

Only time will tell. But we know one thing’s for sure: the two are sure to be welcomed with some Texas hospitality!

“Pawn Stars” has been a History Channel favorite for years. Along the way, Harrison’s Las Vegas Gold & Silver Pawn Shop has become a huge tourist attraction. But with all the fame surrounding it, Harrison speaks on why the show has to operate differently than it has in the past.

He also speaks about the number of weird and interesting items that come into the store.

“I’ve got everything from seven human skulls in a duffel bag; the guys bought those from a devil school actually…I just looked at that guy and said, ‘You gotta be nuts.’ I have 200-year-old Japanese porn,” he told the news outlet. “I have maps of the island of California. It just never ends.”

But Harrison also loves these quirks and unique antiques. They make the show fun and interesting – as well as a good history lesson for all involved.

“That’s the beautiful thing about my show. … It’s truly different every week,” he said. “We get to pick and choose. Every morning the girl from production comes to me with 100 different items and I go, ‘Fake, fake, fake, fake. … that’s cool.’”

And speaking of fake items, it’s a bit of a headache – but Harrison can generally spot the difference right away. It’s when his customers’ intentions aren’t pure that tends to get on his nerves.

 “People come in and they want to be on the show and everything’s great — and then you ask them the price, and they don’t want to sell,” he told CBS at the time. “They just want to be on TV.”