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‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Discovered Rare Registry Dating Back to Year America Was Founded

by Amy Myers
(Photo by: Sepia Times/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Pawn Stars shop owner Rick Harrison was a bit skeptical when a seller walked in with a book dating from 1776. The confident book owner took his piece of history to the counter where he informed Harrison of its new binding. Despite the modern structure of the work, it seemed that the book still had some historical value to it.

The book was an annual register from our nation’s founding year, and it documented all of the most important events happening around the world. Naturally, the book had to include the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of the Confederacy and descriptions of vital battles during the Revolutionary War.

Even though the seller has had the book in his family for a while, he still didn’t know what the Articles of the Confederacy were or why they were important. So, when the 30-year-old dropped his asking price of $2,000, it seemed to take Harrison by surprise. In need of a second opinion, he called Pawn Stars book expert Rebecca Romney for an appraisal. Not only did it detail important events in American history, but it also was edited by a member of Parliament who supported the colonists’ efforts. After taking the state of the book and its content into account, Romney deemed the book a “landmark.”

She then gave the register a price that astounded both the seller and the pawnshop owner.

Listen to what Romney had to say about the find in the clip below.

‘Pawn Stars’ Book Expert Puts Seller in His Place

Just like Harrison, one of the first things the Pawn Stars book consultant noticed about the register was the rebinding. Romney informed both parties that it would affect the price of the piece. Book collectors will almost always want the work to be in its original binding. Certain characteristics like the materials or methods used not only add character to the work but also reveal more about its history. So, with the book’s modern hardback cover, this part of the value completely vanished.

The seller tried negating this, stating that it was only Romney’s “opinion.” There was a tense moment of silence before Romney sharply reminded him that she was the one appraising the item, so her opinion was the one that the Pawn Stars shop owner would honor.

“That is my opinion,” Romney told the customer as Harrison backed her up. “You know, you come to me for an appraisal, I’m gonna give you my opinion. So, that’s what you’re gonna get.”

Immediately, the seller realized that he had overstepped and let Romney finish her inspection of the work without interruption. Especially after hearing the price of $3,000, he definitely didn’t argue with her expertise.