‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Enjoys a ‘Date Night’ Out

by Amy Myers

Most times, it seems Pawn Stars shop owner Rick Harrison is married to his work, but somehow, between the hundreds of customers and sellers he sees each day, he still finds time for his best gal.

Recently, Harrison posted a photo with his girlfriend, Tauna Harris, while the two enjoyed a night out together. It’s unclear when the two started dating, but the two seem to enjoy each other’s company based on the sweet smiles in their photo.

“Date night with my GF @taunaharrisdesign,” the Pawn Stars shop owner captioned the post. The happy couple seemed to be at a restaurant.

Who Is the ‘Pawn Stars’ Shop Owner’s New Girlfriend?

Rick Harrison has kept relatively quiet about his love life in the past. He’s been married three times – first to Kim Harrison (1982-1985) then to Traci Harrison (1986-2011). And his most recent bride was Deanna Burditt, who he married in 2013. Burditt and Harrison split in July of 2020. The last photo that the Pawn Stars celebrity posted with Burditt was in 2018 when he celebrated their five-year anniversary with a photo from their wedding.

Friday was the first time that Harrison posted a photo with his new beau, Harris, and it wouldn’t surprise us if this was the first of many more pictures together.

According to her Instagram, Harris is an interior designer and realtor in Las Vegas. Just like her Pawn Stars boyfriend, Harris is dedicated to her work and often shares photos of her projects. Luckily, the two hardworking individuals seem like the perfect match for each other.

Check out this ceiling decor that she designed.

Rick Harrison’s Other Love – Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

Of course, as we know, Harrison loves his job as the face of his Nevada pawnshop, no matter what kind of craziness the workday brings. Between Chumlee’s shenanigans and sellers’ odd items, the Pawn Stars celebrity always manages to have a blast.

And, pretty often, Harrison finds himself staring down a one-of-a-kind deal.

Take, for example, the numerous cannons that the Pawn Stars shop owner has purchased or the unique works of art that sellers lay on the counter or even the classic childhood toys that everyone recognizes. At one point, one customer even brought in a rock that they believed was a meteorite. There’s certainly never a boring day at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, and with pranksters like Corey and Chumlee in the shop, it’s no wonder Harrison spends so much time in the store.