‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Gives Look at Visit to ‘Ultimate Disney Collection’ Featured in New Episode

by Jonathan Howard

Over the course of the decade-plus that Pawn Stars has been on the air, Rick Harrison has seen some wild stuff. Rings, paintings, and all kinds of collections. Really, there isn’t much that Harrison and his shop haven’t encountered. However, there are always new and interesting items and people coming onto the show.

On an all-new episode over on History Channel, the Pawn Stars, Rick, and Chumlee, got a personal look at an insane Disney collection. Over on Rick’s Instagram, he shared a sneak peek at that collection. The picture shows a big open room with original posters and other art on the walls while the two stars look on. Also seen in the photo are possibly some amusement park rides.

The post read, “Chum and I visit a ridiculous Disney collection. Someone really owns ride cars from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and Snow White’s Scary Adventure.” From just the one picture, it is apparent this collection is serious. Rick and the Pawn Stars don’t usually go out to places, but when it comes to unique and interesting collections, they make exceptions.

‘Pawn Stars’: New Season, New Day

With the start of the brand new season of Pawn Stars, History Channel put a lot into hyping it up. By moving the show to Saturday nights, they told fans, “Pawn Stars is BACK and moving to SATURDAYS! That’s right — your weekend just got better!” Now, for fans of the series and Disney, it looks like a perfect episode is coming out.

Watching the show over the years, fans know that Rick and company don’t take their job lightly. Although Chumlee has bought a number of fake watches in his day, the show relies on authenticity. One counterfeit or reproduced item could cost the business thousands. So, great caution is taken when buying rare and historic items.

The new season is going to be wild for sure. Already we have seen Rick in a dune buggy tearing through the desert sand and now the Disney collection. There will be a lot of interesting and cool buys throughout the season.