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‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Poses with Costar Chumlee and His New Bling

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic)

Among all of the items that come into the Pawn Stars shop, jewelry is one of Chumlee’s favorites. Along with co-star Rick Harrison, the two have quite the eye for statement pieces. From heirloom estate jewelry to brand new flashy accessories, the pawnshop owners are happy to look at every piece of bling. Of course, not every ring is going to be a winner. Likely, a lot of the pieces that come into Gold & Silver Pawn Shop are costume jewelry. But every now and then a true diamond in the rough walks through the door. Earlier today, Chumlee wore that priceless piece on his pinky.

After a long day of filming Pawn Stars, Chumlee and Harrison decided to blow off some steam at Felix Restaurant & Bar in downtown Soho together. Of course, Chumlee had to arrive in style. So, he grabbed one of his favorite pieces of jewelry from the store’s cases and showed it off on his daintiest finger. From the looks of the photo the duo posted, it’s a yellow-gold ring with a cluster of high-quality, shimmering diamonds. The band itself is an ornate design, surely one-of-a-kind.

Take a peek at the high-value piece in the photo below.

Despite his Pawn Stars partner’s need to accessorize, Harrison himself opted for naked knuckles. Perhaps he preferred to leave his merchandise in the shop. Or, just maybe, he didn’t want to compete with Chumlee’s lavish style. Whatever the case, Chumlee probably turned a few heads while signing the check at the end of dinner.

‘Pawn Star’ Expert Chumlee Profits Off Unique Piece of Jewelry

Unique jewelry always seems to find its way to the Pawn Stars shop, and always ready to receive it is Chumlee. Besides an odd necklace or family crest cufflinks, some truly peculiar pieces have ended up in the co-star’s lap, and though the piece may not always be his style, Chumlee’s never one to dismiss the accessory immediately.

So, when a woman walked into Gold & Silver Pawn Shop with an ancient Chinese finger guard, Chumlee was intrigued. The piece seemed to be a hollow piece of silver that covers the tip of the owner’s finger and nail. On the top, there were blue and white stones, perhaps a bit of jade and three long chains with metal flowers attached. According to the jewelry expert, Chinese women wore this during the Ching dynasty to signify that they did not have to do any manual labor.

As the Pawn Stars worker examined the piece further, he recognized its rarity and worth and wanted to make a deal. But its value wasn’t the only reason Chumlee wanted the fingerguard.

“Plus, maybe I can get some use out of it and convince Rick I shouldn’t have to work,” he joked.

Take a look at Chumlee’s find in the video below.