‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Shows Off His New Recycled Art Piece

by Jonathan Howard

As the head guy at Pawn Stars Rick Harrison has a lot of various interests. One of those includes modern art, apparently.

It seems that Harrison did some shopping in the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop neighborhood. He had posted about linking up at a brand new local skateboard shop. Now, he has gone down to Recycled Propaganda and picked up a new conversation piece in the process.

Nothing like supporting local businesses. When you get the Pawn Stars endorsement, that can’t be too bad for business, eh? Rick posted a photo on his Instagram showing himself with the new piece and the supposed artist, Izaac Zevalking. A modified stop sign that has quite a message.

“Love my new art piece,” Harrison said about the modified stop sign. In the photo, you can see the bag from the Pharmacy skate shop. Seems that Rick got out on the town and made the best of it all.

Now, Rick is used to spending money. However, most of the time, when he buys something he is looking to flip it and make a buck. Maybe by the time Corey’s kids are grown up, that stop sign might be worth more than what Rick bought it for this week.

The Pawn Stars are always buying and selling. One of their best purchases happened to be a deal that Rick and Corey worked together. A 200-year-old gun that was worth far more than what Rick or the owner of the gun knew it was worth.

‘Pawn Stars’ Put Up Big Money For Expensive Rifle

Now, true fans of Pawn Stars know that there are rules around firearms. Rick and the gang can’t just buy any firearm that comes into the shop. They only mess around with antique firearms and firearms that have been disabled. So, when this Boutet rifle came in, Rick was sure he could buy it and knew he wanted it.

Boutet was a superstar blacksmith throughout the 18th and 19th centuries in France. The man could do it all and did. He made guns for Louis XVI and Napoleon. Meaning, he survived the revolution and made it out on the other side. Living into his 70s, Boutet made over 600,000 firearms or oversaw the making of them.

After getting an expert in, classic Pawn Stars, the item was appraised at around $30,000. The customer only asked for $10k originally. So, they got to negotiating and did the usual back and forth. Once the two talked it out, Rick came away with the gun for a cool price of $16,000. While that isn’t $30k, it’s more than the $10k originally asked.