‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Shows Three Bears Visiting His Home in Rare Photo Op

by Jon D. B.

Pawn Stars host Rick Harrison “had some new neighbors come by the house today” – but the chances of them staying for beers are slim.

Well, unless Harrison wants them to. Black bears will absolutely go for beer if they can. Just might need a bucket or a trough. Kidding – as a wildlife tech, I would never condone such behavior!

But Pawn Stars‘ Rick is contending with a few local black bears nonetheless. “Had some new neighbors come by the house today,” he captions the shot on his Instagram. There, a sow and her two cubs (no more than half a year old by the look of ’em) are making themselves right at home in the driveway. It’s a sight that’s become far more common across the United States as our American black bear populations rebound.

Check out Harrison’s photo for yourself below, and decide whether you’re jealous of his “new neighbors” – or glad they’re not yours!

Either way, Pawn Stars fans are having a heyday in the Instagram comments. Follower Sob hilariously comments in tone with “We’ll give you $300 to go away.”

There’s lots of that to go around, too. Fellow fan Percy comments “I want 500 for this honey pot. Winnie the Pooh signed it himself.”

“Bears: “Got some food?”. Rick: “Best I can do is a bag of potato chips!” captions Alex C.

But fan Tom says “Just grin and BEAR it boss!!!”

From Bears to Silver, ‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Sees it All

While Rick Harrison has himself a plethora of black bears recently, there’s one thing he says is “a very hard thing to find right now.” And as the owner of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop featured in his hit reality TV show, we Outsiders are inclined to listen!

Speaking to editor-in-chief of Kitco News Michelle Makori this week, Harrison says “It’s very hard to keep any bullion in stock and the bullion I do have I’m selling them for $4, $5 over spot when it comes to silver. It’s very difficult to get.”

For those playing the home game, this means that “Physical silver is a very hard thing to find right now,” clarifies the Pawn Stars host. “I know a lot of people in this business… Physical delivery is very hard right now.”

So what gives? Rick, who’s based in Las Vegas as fans will know, explains that “”With COVID, the U.S. government stopped making Eagles for a while, they got really behind, so there was a lag there.”

In 2020, however, Harrison says “there was massive physical demand, there’s a lot of physical demand right now, and [there are just] whole supply issues,” he tells KITCO. “I was talking to a supply manufacturer and it’s supply chain issues, getting the silver from point A to point B to point C…it’s not the way it used to be!”

How this – and Las Vegas black bears – will affect 2021’s Pawn Stars Season 19, however, remains to be seen.