‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison’s Son Followed Him Into Family Business

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Eric Catarina/Getty Images)

Another Harrison is joining the pawn business. Rick Harrison’s youngest son, Jake, joined Pawn Stars this season as a summer job.

Harrison announced the new “hire” to the famed Gold & Silver Pawn Shop on Instagram.

In a clip from a recent episode, big brother Corey and family friend Austin “Chumlee” Russell showed him the ropes. Though, Corey warned him that he should stay in school and avoid the “trap” of getting stuck working at the store.

Chumlee joked that Jake’s blonde locks were better suited for the beach than a pawn shop. “Jake, with hair like that, you should go to a beach and be a lifeguard, man,” he joked. However, Jake quickly assimilated himself into the working environment of the shop when he was caught playing video games with Chumlee in the back office midway through the episode.

It wasn’t all fun and games, though. Rick Harrison made sure Jake learned something about the pawn business. At least enough that he could avoid buying fake items. Specifically, a fake Rolex. Rick showed his youngest how to spot a knock-off watch using a fake Rolex that Chumlee purchased “for a lot of money” last year.

With Jake joining the store, that leaves only one Harrison not involved in the store in some capacity. That’s Rick Harrison’s middle son, Adam Harrison, who owns a plumbing business in Las Vegas, according to Celebrity Mirror. Though, like Jake, he did work at the shop as his first job when he was a teenager. However, now Adam Harrison keeps a fairly low profile online and avoids the Pawn Stars cameras.

Rick Harrison Quietly Divorced Wife A Year Ago

Pawn Stars boss Rick Harrison quietly ended his marriage of seven years last year. He kept the split from his third wife Deanna Burditt last summer completely off the radar until TMZ unearth the divorce papers earlier this month.

According to the court filings, the couple’s “tastes, mental dispositions, views, likes, and dislikes have become so divergent that they have become incompatible in marriage.”

Harrison rarely talks about his personal life on Pawn Stars or in the media. But in 2012, he gushed over his upcoming nuptials to People.

“I’m the happiest guy alive,” Harrison said at the time. “I’m living the dream.”

He also joked that since he had three sons and Burditt had three daughters, they were an updated version of The Brady Bunch.

“It’s perfect symmetry,” he said.

The exact reason for the split is unclear. But Harrison did pony up alimony, support, and some property, according to TMZ, in a settlement.

Harrison has only spoken about the matter once, telling TMZ that the marriage “didn’t work out and [the divorce] was a mutual decision.” He added that he’d moved on with his life. Though, he was happy that he got three daughters out of the marriage, referring to Burditt’s three children.