‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Teases ‘Extreme Off-Roading’ in This Weekend’s New Episode With Awesome Sand Dunes Pic

by John Jamison

“Pawn Stars” is back for yet another season of exciting haggling action at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. But per an Instagram post from Rick Harrison, pawn star and owner of the shop, the crew might be taking their show on the road during this weekend’s new episodes. Or rather, off of it.

Rick posted a picture to Instagram that finds him and his son Corey seated in a monster of a dune buggy. The two look ready to rip up the sand at Glamis. Part of the Imperial Sand Dunes, Glamis is an off-roader’s paradise in California. With more than 100,000 acres of wide-open real estate, Rick and Corey are in for a good time.

To figure out the exact story of this sand-ripping beast, fans will have to tune in Saturday for the premiere of “Pawn Stars” new season. Luckily, the show’s official Instagram account provided us with a little sneak peek recently.

“Pawn Stars is BACK and moving to SATURDAYS! That’s right — your weekend just got better! Starting August 14 at 9/8c, all-new episodes return with some of the strangest, oldest, and rarest items we’ve ever seen,” the caption read.

From Rick and Corey tearing across the desert in the dune buggy to shrunken heads and million-dollar deals, the new season promises to be the most exciting yet. And that’s saying something considering “Pawn Stars” has produced more than 630 episodes since its debut in 2009.

Unfortunately, the show lost Harrison family patriarch and co-owner of World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Richard Harrison in 2018. “Old man” aside, the rest of the core group looks to be returning.

‘Pawn Stars’ Through the Pandemic

At the very least, the Harrisons operate an actual pawn shop. Granted, the location has become a bit of a tourist attraction in recent years. But that brings its own benefits. So, when the show was halted for a few months during the COVID-19 pandemic, all was not lost.

Regardless, History had other ideas. Unable to produce a ton of new content due to the shutdowns, the network asked “Pawn Stars” if they could air Season 18 early and get to work on new episodes.

“We have this whole lockdown going on, and networks cannot cast new television shows. Basically they are running low on content, so they came in and asked if we can start airing early,” Rick Harrison told PodKats, a podcast affiliated with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, in April. “I said, sure, I need some business making money here.”

“Pawn Stars” returns with a double-header season premiere on Saturday, kicking off at 9/8c.