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‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Has a Thanksgiving Dinner ‘Back Up’ Plan

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images)

Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars knows that there are times you need a backup. Thanksgiving is no different and he showed that today.

If you buy a fake Rolex, then you gotta have a backup. If you burn the turkey on Thanksgiving, you should also have a backup. It doesn’t look like he needed an expert to tell him where to go for his plan B. Really, it’s a no-brainer. Check out the photo below.

“Happy Thanksgiving! My tradition is to always have [backup] snacks in case dinner doesn’t come out as planned,” the photo was captioned.

Harrison shared a picture of himself with an apron on, a cutting board in front of him, and a whole spread of KFC. When the meal goes south, get some of the Colonel. Look, if anyone knows a deal when they see one, it has to be Rick.

There have been many times when the Pawn Stars star has posted a good joke or photo on his Instagram. He has pulled a lot of gags on fans and viewers with his sometimes photoshopped images. Does anyone remember his fake cologne ad? This one is so great because there are likely more than a few families that can relate to having to get KFC during the holidays.

Everyone that watches the show knows Rick has a comical side. He often cracks jokes, puns, and other such humor on the show. Most of the time, Corey and Chumlee just roll their eyes. 9 times out of 10, Harrison is making a bad dad joke or something. Imagine the jokes the Pawn Stars lead tells during the Holidays.

‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Rolled the Dice on Flintlock Rifle

There are times when Rick Harrison has to make a risky gamble. That’s the nature of the business that he is in. Rolling the dice comes naturally in Las Vegas, of course. On Pawn Stars there are so many items that could be bought. Not all of them are sure things, but Rick took a chance.

The gun had a rusty barrel and a bad stock. However, for a gun from the 1500s, there could have been a lot more damage. The owner wanted $1,000 while Rick thought it was worth just $500. Instead of calling an expert, the two negotiated and Harrison walked away with a gun for $450. The seller was someone that had done business with him before, so Harrison thought that this would also be worth his time.

While the gun is really cool and old, it turns out, Harrison took a bad risk. He did some research and it turns out the gun was only worth $400-$500, according to an expert. The Pawn Stars star usually has a backup plan. But for this, it was a gamble with a bad beat.