‘Pawn Stars’ Set To Leave Netflix

by Samantha Whidden

Bad news, Pawn Stars fans. The hit History Channel’s series is officially set to leave TV/movie streaming service Netflix in September.

According to PopCulture, Pawn Stars’ second season will be leaving Netflix on September 14th. The series, which first premiered in July 2009, follows a 24-hour family pawn shop business in Las Vegas.

Richard “Old Man” Harrison originally started the business in 1989. His song Rick Harrison, Rick’s son Carey “Big Hoss” Harrison” and Corey’s childhood friend Austin “Chumlee” Russell star on Pawn Stars along with Richard. 

Pawn Stars has been pretty successful through the years. The show originally only ran for 20-21 minutes before switching to 40-42 minutes in 2019. The show now has 16 seasons. 

Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Revealed How Pawn Shops Actually Work 

During a 2011 interview with NPR, Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison stated that he sees a lot of high-end things come to his shop. He also explained how pawn shops in general work. “Say you have a wedding band. You bring the wedding in[to] my store. I offer you $100 and you accept it. I give you the $100, plus a pawn ticket. You have 120 days to come back to my pawn shop and pick up your merchandise and pay me my money back.”

Pawn Stars’ Harrison stated if the person does come back in 30 days, they give him $115. “I hand you the ring back and everything’s good in the world.”

But if you don’t pay him back, Harrison ends up keeping the merchandise. He also puts it in his showcase for sale. “Nothing goes on your credit report. No one chases you down to break any legs or anything like that. You just simply have lost your merchandise.”

Harrison does say that the average loan for a piece of personal property at his shop is around $50. The Pawn Stars star further explained most pawn shops do charge a service fee with interest. This can vary from 10% to 20%. 

In regards to how regulated the pawn industry is, Pawn Stars’ Harrison said, “When I take something in pawn or I buy something, I just don’t take [an] ID. I take their driver’s license number, their height, their weight, their eye color, their build.”

Harrison goes on to add that he then takes the information to the local police department as well as Homeland Security. “It’s part of the Patriot Act, and that goes to a central database across the United States that checks for stolen items.”

Harrison Recalled $40,000 Stolen Merchandise Situation

Pawn Stars’ Harrison does admit that there have been dishonest moments. He even shared details about he paid $40,000 pair of earrings just to find out that the earrings were originally stolen. The earrings were returned to the victim, but he was out of the money and obviously the earrings.

“It’s the cost of doing business. That’s the way I look at it. And Las Vegas is a crazy town at times.”