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‘Pawn Stars’: Shipwreck Treasure Is Literally Worth Weight in Gold

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Oliver Strewe via Getty Images)

Fans of Pawn Stars have watched Rick and the crew at the Gold & Silver Pawnshop drop big money on items over the years. After all, this isn’t your normal mom-and-pop pawn operation. They get insanely valuable and historically significant items in the store seemingly all the time. This piece of shipwreck treasure isn’t the most expensive thing they’ve ever purchased, but the final price tag is nothing to sneeze at.

Back in the second season of Pawn Stars, a man named Matt came into the store with a small gold bar. He told Rick and Corey that his grandma passed away a few months earlier. While he and his siblings were cleaning out her house, they found the gold and decided to have it checked out. Matt’s plan was to sell it and split the money he got with his family. He had no idea he had a piece of history in his hands, though.

Pawn Stars fans are used to Rick calling in an expert almost immediately. Usually, they help him appraise items that come into the store. However, he didn’t need much help with this item, at first. Rick picked up the bar and, within seconds said that it was definitely gold. He told Matt that the bar was worth about $24,000. Then, in a cutaway scene, Rick explains, “When you’ve been a pawnbroker as long as I have, you know real gold when you see it. And, judging by the weight of it, there’s a lot of it.”

While discussing the bar, Rick noticed what looked like coral growing on the underside of the bar. This made him think that the bar came from a shipwreck. Matt said that his grandfather spent some time in the Caribbean. However, he didn’t know if that’s where the bar came from. This is when the Pawn Stars boss called in an expert.

This ‘Pawn Stars’ Find Is Worth Its Weight In Gold and Then Some

Rick called in Mel from Big Blue Wreck Salvage who is also a marine artifact expert. Mel looked over the bar and said that he knew of two wrecks that produced that kind of gold. One was off the coast of Texas, the other was in the northern Caribbean. Then, he informed Rick that the bar was worth “melt times two,” which took the price up to a whopping $48,000. So, it was worth literally twice its weight in gold.

Pawn Stars fans won’t be surprised by what happens next. Matt wanted the full value for his piece. Rick, on the other hand, offered $32,000. That’s a good chunk of change but it’s a far cry from the item’s worth. After a little more haggling Matt walked away with $35,000 and was “pleased as punch” to do so.