‘Pawn Stars’ Showed Another Person’s Trash Can Be Someone’s Treasure with Rare Mustang

by Amy Myers
(Photo by John Ethridge/The Enthusiast Network via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Everyone has a weak spot, and for Pawn Stars celebrity Rick Harrison, that’s Steve McQueen memorabilia. Anytime the owner of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop comes close to owning something reminiscent of the motorsports hero, his wallet gets a bit lighter. Of course, his son, Corey, tries to keep his dad from indulging too much in his desire to own everything-McQueen, but sometimes, the find is just too good to say no.

Unlike his dad, Corey Harrison is no McQueen or motor junkie. Anytime the talk turns technical while looking under the hood, Corey is basically just along for the ride – sometimes literally. So, when his dad wants to justify his decision to make a pricey exchange, he leans on his son’s lack of expertise to back up his purchase.

This is precisely what happened when the father-son Pawn Stars duo met with a fellow McQueen fanatic. Once at the seller’s property, the Harrisons laid eyes on a 1968 Ford Mustang GT fastback, the exact model that McQueen drove in Bullitt which, according to Rick, had the “greatest car chase scenes in the history of all movies.”

Although, unlike McQueen’s ride, this car had seen some better days. Take a look at the rusted treasure piece in the clip below.

‘Pawn Stars’ Motor Expert Reveals Interesting Detail about Mustang’s Condition

Not wanting to repeat past mistakes, Pawn Stars celebrity, Rick Harrison, called in for backup to confirm the car’s authenticity. Soon enough, an excited Danny “the Count” Koker arrived at the property to examine the “Steve McQueen machine.”

Much to Corey’s dismay and Rick’s relief, the vehicle was, indeed, an authentic GT. It even had its original engine (5-liter 302) and velvet interior. However, one obvious concern was the car’s exterior which appeared to have a significant amount of rust. The current owner alleged that this was only surface rust, but Koker revealed that it was something else entirely. The rusted-out look was actually intentional. According to the custom motors expert, the previous owner used a chemical compound that stripped away the original paint job to make it look more antique.

Once Koker gave his seal of approval on the “quintessential muscle car,” the Pawn Stars celebrity didn’t need to hear anymore before talking prices. Koker appraised the vehicle at roughly $12,000, a full 8k less than what the current owner was hoping to receive. After a bit of tough haggling, the man finally let the car go for $12,500. Rarely does Rick ever go above the appraised value, but seeing as this was an exact replica of McQueen’s Bullitt Mustang, he was willing to shell out the extra cash.

Corey, on the other hand, still seemed to have his doubts.