‘Pawn Stars’ Star Rick Harrison Channels Inner Cowboy Taking in the Rodeo on ‘Father Daughter Day’

by Jacklyn Krol

Pawn Stars star Rick Harrison found himself living out all of our “Yellowstone” dreams taking in the rodeo.

On July 24, Harrison posted a snap taken while attending a rodeo in Oregon. “Father Daughter day at the rodeo. @ciana.jo.tomaino #cooscountyfair,” he captioned the sweet photo of the pair at the rodeo.

The Pawn Stars personality has two children with his first wife Kim, Corey and Adam. He also shared a son, Jake, with his second wife, Tracy. Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison is a regular on Pawn Stars and has taken after his father.

Adam has appeared on the show a handful of times. He even worked in the pawnshop but left shortly after to pursue plumbing. He is reportedly living near the family in Las Vegas and owns his own plumbing business.

His youngest son Jake hasn’t made up his mind on if he wants to pawn. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, the two are Republicans and attended a Trump rally together back in 2018.

All About ‘Pawn Stars’

Rick Harrison believes that he knows the secret to Pawn Stars‘ lasting success. He believes that his show has one thing that other reality shows don’t have. He told Fox News about his theory.

“First off, most reality shows are pretty much scripted. Mine is not. And it’s truly different every week,” he explained.

The second reason he believes the show does well is about how the education is presented.

“You can have a show about motorcycles or cars, but there’s only the only so much you can do with a motorcycle or a car every week. And people want to learn, but they don’t want to feel like they’re sitting around with a professor. I give all the history lessons and I make learning entertaining on the show,” he added.

So how long will he continue to run the shop and the show?

“As long as it’s fun and I still have a blast. One of the greatest things about my show is that it continues to be interesting. It continues to surprise me,” he shared.

No two days are the same an he loves the surprise factor but knows he’ll have to retire eventually.

“Maybe 20 years from now I might be too old to continue doing it *laughs* but right now it’s brings everything that I love together. The chance to highlight these historical artifacts keeps me going,” he concluded.