‘Pawn Stars’ Star Rick Harrison Claims His BBQ Joint Has Been Getting Hit With ‘Defamatory Personal Attacks’

by Jonathan Howard

Things aren’t always gold and silver for Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars. Harrison has other businesses including a BBQ restaurant in Las Vegas. Recently, someone has taken over an online profile for the restaurant. That has Rick very upset and looking for answers.

Now, we won’t get into the details here about what has been posted. However, someone has taken over the owner profile for Rick’s Rollin Smoke & BBQ on Google and done some damage. In the post, his screenshot of a message shows that he has tried to fix the situation. However, it doesn’t look great.

“If anyone knows anyone at google [sic] I need to get this fixed DM me,” the caption said.

Let’s hope that Rick gets his profile fixed. Imagine if this had happened to the Pawn Stars account…yikes.

‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Cologne?

Not all is bad in the Pawn Stars world. The show is in a new season and featuring rare and interesting items every week. Rick Harrison has also been posting more than a couple of jokes on his Instagram page. He posted a clever advertisement for fans the other day for a line of cologne. While it was a facetious ad, fans appreciated the humor.

Meanwhile, over at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, Harrison and company are taking in some great items. One of the most recent episodes features a regular customer, Adam, bringing in quite a rare document. Just how rare? Well, it was a manuscript from 1755. The document details the outline for New York as a colony. That level of historical documentation is incredibly rare.

So, it looks like Rick Harrison is going to have to spend a pretty penny on the manuscript. There have been other colonial items that have come through the shop. However, this one is particularly rare it seems. Perhaps Rick’s youngest son, Jake, who just joined the shop will get to take a look at the rarity.

Over the summer, Jake Harrison has taken a job at the Pawn Stars shop. Working with his dad and older brother Corey makes him the second son to join the staff. There is one brother that has chosen to avoid the cameras, although he has worked in the store before. That is the middle son, Adam. While he isn’t into trading rarities and valuables, he runs a plumbing business in Las Vegas.

It was clear from the beginning, that Corey and Chumlee thought that Jake was crazy for getting into the family business. However, it looks like Chumlee is going to take him under his wing. Everyone knows about Chumlee’s Rolex issues. He keeps buying fake ones. So, first thing’s first, Rick had to show Jake how to spot a fake one. There isn’t much better than a father showing his son the ropes of the family business.