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‘Pawn Stars’ Star Rick Harrison Considers New ‘Cologne’ Line

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

The guys over at Pawn Stars are known for buying rare, historic, and interesting items. Rick Harrison knows when he can and can’t make money. Harrison and his shop deal with thousands of items and the best of the best make their way to the show. Bicycles, guns, clothing, nothing is off the table.

While the pawn business is going well, there are other ventures that Rick can get into. Recently he posted to Instagram about one of these new business ideas. How about a Pawn Stars/Rick Harrison cologne?

Okay, clearly this isn’t a real advertisement. However, Rick got a real kick out of posting the pic. He captioned the post with, “Thinking about creating a cologne…what do you think?” With a laughing emoji afterward and the bad photoshop job, this is a joke.

The fake cologne brand, AMAZING, has the tagline, “Like me, but in a fragrance”. To be honest, the ad matches Harrison and his personality to a tee. If he isn’t careful, someone is going to take him seriously and reach out to develop the smell. People like the way old books smell, and Harrison buys plenty himself, the fragrance could be similar. Then again, this is a fake cologne and thinking about how Rick Harrison smells is a little…strange.

‘Pawn Stars’: New Episode Show Wild Collection

With Pawn Stars there is no telling what might come through the door. Sometimes there are military items, other times it is mid-century advertising or something similar. Then there are all the items in between. In the most recent episode, Rick, Corey, and Chumlee were enticed with a number of items.

First, regular seller on the show, Spencer, brought Chumlee and Corey an assortment of items. Among the items was an Incredible Hulk comic featuring Wolverine. An early Wolverine appearance can fetch a good price depending on the quality of the comic. Chumlee was interested in the comic, but the best thing was a Vietnam War-era green beret cap. The art and stitching on the inside of the hat were detailed and well kept.

However, the show then went on to feature Rick and Corey venturing out of the shop. Occasionally the Pawn Stars go outside to see large items. Usually, the items are cars, guns, or large collections. A house of Disney items impressed the Harrisons. There was so much from old amusement park ride cars to pencil holders and more. The Pawn Stars always keep their eyes out for collectibles like Disney memorabilia.