‘Pawn Stars’ Star Rick Harrison Poses With His Favorite New York City Bar: ‘Hats Off’

by John Jamison
(Photo by Mike Pont/FilmMagic)

Now, we don’t want to make any assumptions. But “Pawn Stars” legend Rick Harrison looks to be having a fantastic time in his most recent Instagram post, in more ways than one. The TV personality and pawnshop proprietor posed outside of a New York City bar, and whether the camera caught some tricky lighting or Rick had a few drinks in him at the time, his facial expression is priceless.

Since 2009, Rick Harrison has been behind the counter at his World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. Of course, since “Pawn Stars” took off, he hasn’t been working there daily. That freedom has enabled him to go places. Places like New York, for example.

His most recent Instagram post finds him tipping his cap to Kenn’s Broome Street Bar in NYC. And by the looks of things, he thoroughly enjoyed the time he spent inside.

Naturally, his Instagram followers ran with his seemingly inebriated look.

“Livin life have 1 more for the old man!” one wrote, shouting out former “Pawn Stars” legend and Rick’s dad, Richard “Old Man” Harrison. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2018.

“You always having a great time when you step out Boss,” another added.

How couldn’t Harrison be having a great time? He’s in a new city, he’s checking out the nightlife, and he’s clearly grateful for the establishment he visited.

Season 19 of ‘Pawn Stars’ Is Underway

After getting derailed by the pandemic, “Pawn Stars” is back on track and is currently airing new episodes from the show’s 19th Season. It’s hard to believe that they’re more than 10 years and 630 episodes in, but time flies when you’re having fun.

Chumlee, a staple on the show since it first began, is in the same boat. He can hardly believe they’re still making new content this far down the line.

“Honestly, when I look back 13 years ago, when this all started, I thought we’d be done by now. I thought, if anything, I would be off doing some dumb show of my own. But we’re still making Pawn Stars,’ and I’m loving it. Every year is better than the year before,” Chumlee told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

He even gave some thought to going solo and starting his own show at one point.

“I’ve been on the producing side, I thought I had a show that sold that didn’t work out. People like the show as it is. I don’t know where a spin-off of me would fit in on History. I don’t think they want me to go anywhere. Plus, who wants to do all that work?” he continued.