‘Pawn Stars’: A Super Rare Colt Takes Aim for a Massive Fortune

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

When “the dream gun of every Colt collector” came into Pawn Stars celebrity Rick Harrison’s shop, he knew he had to have it. Harrison has bought his fair share of historic firearms from willing sellers, but this time, he hit the jackpot. Not only was this 1876 single-action Army in immaculate condition but it also had one-of-a-kind, ornate grips that made the sidearm an absolute masterpiece.

The current owner revealed that he was a bail bondsman and took the Colt as collateral. The previous owner never paid his debt, so the bondsman got to keep the firearm. Once in his possession, he smartly paid for an official appraisal which marked the price of the revolver at $25,000. This number also happened to be the seller’s initial asking price.

Harrison knew he would be purchasing the piece. But there was one glaring issue that warranted a second opinion. The serial numbers on the butt of the gun didn’t match. One read 23453 and the other 24353. Hoping to get some answers, the Pawn Stars shop owner called in an expert of his own to give his opinion on the beautiful weapon.

“My big fear with things like this is, usually, when it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true,” Harrison admitted.

But upon first look, the firearms expert was already impressed with the piece. He shared that the grip style on the Colt revolver was extremely rare, deeming the design “hen’s teeth.”

As for the mismatched serial numbers, the Pawn Stars affiliate chalked it up as a mistake made when hand-stamping thousands of digits on these weapons before shipping them out. In other words, it was almost certainly comprised of all original parts.

‘Pawn Stars’ Expert Gives Shockingly High Appraisal of Colt Revolver

Despite the mistake, the Pawn Stars guest admitted that he would still purchase the gun, himself. And as a weapons expert, it’s obvious he would be a picky buyer.

“It could drive the value down a bit, but there’s so much right about this beautiful gun that, you know, for me, I would still want it,” the gun expert said.

As for his own appraisal of the weapon, the guest said he could see the revolver go for $35,000 easily, if not more.

“You got a piece of magic here,” he said.

Of course, Harrison still needed to make a profit off of the weapon at auction and tried to talk the current owner down to his original asking price of $25,000. After some classic Pawn Stars haggling, Harrison called the peacemaker his own for $27,500.

As for the seller, he was happy to bring home the chunk of change to his family and take them all on a vacation.