‘Pawn Stars’ Teases Look at Rick Harrison Coming Across Extremely Rare ‘Piece of History’ Ahead of New Episode

by Amy Myers

When fans see this customer come through Rick Harrison’s doors on Pawn Stars, they know the famed shop owner is about to pay out big time. Harrison isn’t an easily-swayed man. With his experience, Harrison is typically a bit reluctant to pay large sums for items that come into the store.

However, sometimes, he finds a diamond in the rough and the customer walks away with a hefty check.

Earlier today, Pawn Stars posted a photo of Harrison with one of his regulars, Adam. This customer often brings in rare, historical items. This time, Adam has “an original manuscript outlining the governing of New York as a colony in 1755.” While Harrison is a pretty good judge of items’ prices, he likes to check with experts to see just how valuable the piece actually is.

From the looks of this recent photo, Harrison better get his checkbook out. The snapshot teases tonight’s new episode of Pawn Stars, premiering at 9/8 central on the History channel.

This isn’t the first time Adam has brought in a literary work from the Revolutionary era. Previously, on an episode of Pawn Stars, the same history fanatic presented the first edition of Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States, printed in 1779. The book served as a guide for George Washington’s troops during the Revolutionary War from its printing date until 1783.

‘Pawn Stars’ Regular Gets $11,000 for First Edition Military Handbook

While sharing the significance of the work, Adam explained that in 1777, George Washington almost lost his position as commander because they had lost so many men already. As they prepared for winter encampment, the future founding father decided to enlist the help of Prussian military officer, Baron von Steuben, who literally wrote the book on American military procedure.

With von Steuben’s help, Washington was able to turn farmers and cobblers into proper soldiers.

While the Pawn Stars shop owner was ultimately impressed with Adam’s finding, he wanted to be sure that the piece was not just a copy of the original. So, to verify its worth, he called in the manager of Bauman Rare Books of Los Vegas, Rebecca Romney, to check out the first edition field manual.

“This is a very cool book,” Romney said excitedly to the Pawn Stars shop owner.

The book expert confirmed that the work was indeed the first edition and therefore very valuable to Harrison.

“Any collector of Americana, American Revolution is going to want this, and they’re going to want it bad because you don’t see copies.”

With that, she priced the retail of the item at $18,000.

“I should have never called you out,” the Pawn Star shop owner joked.

With a bit of haggling, Harrison managed to talk down the owner to $11,000.

Watch the first seven minutes of the clip below to see the manual.