‘Pawn Stars’: These Boxing Gloves Are a Knock Out

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Jan Sandvik / EyeEm via Getty Images)

Fans of Pawn Stars are used to seeing little pieces of history come through the doors of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Over the years, countless historical artifacts have come across the counter. For instance, a revolver owned by Buffalo Bill and dolls depicting the world’s first set of quintuplets have made appearances. However, those could pop up just about anywhere. Some items could only appear in Las Vegas.

In the ninth season of Pawn Stars, Hank brought in a collection of items owned by legendary boxer Rocky Marciano.

Pawn Stars Guest Offers a Knockout Collection

Marciano is the only boxer to retire as an undefeated heavyweight champion. Upon retirement in 1956, his record was 49-0. He beat legends like Muhammad Ali and Joe Lewis to protect that perfect record. Hank brought the Pawn Stars crew ring-worn gloves and trunks. Additionally, he had a ticket stub from Marciano’s last fight as well as a watch the boxer received upon retiring.

Hank was incredibly proud of his collection. His asking price might be one of the highest in Pawn Stars history. He wanted to get $300,000 for the set. However, Hank didn’t just want to line his pockets. He wanted the money for a good cause. The collector said, “I’m trying to raise some money for the Rocky Marciano Foundation, which gives out scholarships to underprivileged children.”

Hank’s asking price blew Corey away. However, he knew that a collection of ring-worn Rocky Marciana memorabilia could go for a “small fortune” in a town like Las Vegas. So he was willing to hear the collector out. As is usual for the Pawn Stars crew, Corey called in an expert.

Is It Worth $300k?

Jeremy Brown, an expert on sports cards and memorabilia came in to check out the collection. Without taking a close look at the items, he told the Pawn Stars star, “This is one heck of a spread, man. I mean, we could have some serious money here.”

Brown started small. First, he examined the ticket stub and said it was genuine. In its condition, he said it would sell for $100 “all day.” The watch was worth significantly more. Brown said it would bring about $5,000.

Finally, Brown checked out the trunks and gloves. Hank didn’t have proof that the items were genuine. However, Jeremy said they were consistent with Marciano’s ring attire. Both items were also incredibly rare. In fact, Brown said the gloves were possibly the most valuable piece of Marciano merch he had ever heard of. In the end, he said the trunks were worth between $15k and $20k. The gloves were worth $25k at the very least. All told, they were looking at about $50,000.

Hank told the Pawn Stars audience he planned to take the items to auction in hopes of landing a big payout.