‘Pawn Stars’: Watch Chumlee and Corey Left Seriously Impressed With Guest’s Vietnam War Green Beret in New Episode

by Jonathan Howard

For the guys over at Pawn Stars, rare and cool items come into the shop all the time. In the new season, that has been ever more true. Already, fans have seen Rick Harrison tearing through the desert in a dune buggy and tour an insane Disney collection. Not to mention all the other little things that have been out on social media and in between scenes.

When it comes to Chumlee, the loveable goofball in the shop, fans love seeing him behind the counter buying items. While he isn’t an expert on everything, there are some items that Chumlee is able to assess and make good buys on. In a recent clip from a brand new episode, the show’s page shared a sneak preview of Chum working alongside Corey Harrison.

The post reads, “You never know what to expect when Spencer show’s up at the shop,” and with the items in the clip, that is a great summary. As Spencer stands in front of the Pawn Stars with his goods, it is quite an eclectic collection. First thing on the table to catch the eye of Chumlee, a The Incredible HULK comic. This one features Wolverine as well, from November 1974.

Next, Corey picks up a small stack of cards. The collection of small trading cards were presidential playing cards. Back when the cards were in circulation, collectors needed to only collect 31 presidents. However, the third item, a Vietnam-era green beret cap, impressed the two potential buyers. With great art stitched into the lining, there is no telling what price they are willing to pay.

‘Pawn Stars’ History of War Memorabila

Over the years, there have been a number of military items and memorabilia come through the Pawn Stars shop. One of the cooler items that came through the shop from war times, a paratrooper bicycle from World War II. That’s right, an airborne bicycle! Made by the Birmingham Small Arms company, the bike folded up and was made for military use.

The green beret is just the latest item from war times to pass through on the show. Of course, the shop is in the business of buying just about anything they can get their hands on. So, no matter what comes through, if it is cool, rare, and can fetch a good price, Rick Harrison and company are going to try and buy it. That means comic books, trading cards, art, and green beret caps.

Even when something is authentic, occasionally items don’t fetch great prices and the shop eats losses. However, with so many great local experts in the Las Vegas area, Harrison and the Pawn Stars try their best to make solid purchases. While not everything is a home run, the suspense is what fans love.