‘Pawn Stars’: Watch Corey Buy a Bizarre KFC Bucket Chandelier for Insane Price

by Jacklyn Krol

Pawn Stars found a unique piece of KFC memorabilia.

The official show Twitter shared a clip from a recnet episode. We’ve seen Kentucky Fried Chicken crocs and other interesting and wild pieces, but never a chandelier. And it turns out, this was an original piece from the store itself that is over forty years old.

“On last week’s #PawnStars, a Kentucky Fried Chandelier showed up in the shop! Corey finds out more about the unique fixture before cooking up a deal. Would you hang this up in your house? Tune in for more one-of-a-kind finds,” they wrote.

The woman who came in worked for Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1980 alongside her husband. They were in management training when they got the call that they would be opening a store they just finished remodeling.

When they came to the restaurant, she saw that they were getting rid of the chandelier. She asked if she could have it and they let her. Surprisingly, they were going to throw it away if she hadn’t intervened.

The buckets were in perfect shape but one insulator broke. The customer hoped to get $2,000 for the unique piece. She and Corey ended up agreeing on a price of $1,500. Corey had to have that piece and loved it personally. Maybe he should keep it and display it in the shop or at his own home?

The exact same piece, which was from the 1960s, sold at auction. Each bucket reads  “So Tender – So Tasty. North America’s Hospitality Dish.”

Just one of the glass buckets retails for approximately $300-600 according to eBay purchasers. The full chandelier was sold on the platform for $1,250.

Corey Almost Left ‘Pawn Stars’

Corey Harrison is the youngest son of Rick. He wasn’t as experienced as his father or grandfather in the pawn business. Over the years, fans have seen him make a handful of mistakes, just like any newbie to the business. During Season 7 of the show, he wanted his share of the pawn shop partnership with his patriarch and father.

The drama unfolded right before viewers’ eyes. During the tenth episode titled “The Offer,” the family got big news. Corey revealed that he landed another job that he was going to take if his demand wasn’t met. He wanted ten percent partnership in the family store.

During the following episode, “Take the Money and Run,” they all came to an agreement. Instead of giving the ten percent up front, they had their own demand. They gave him five percent with the potential to get a larger percentage in the future, pending his work. Corey accepted the deal and since the 2012 fiasco, he’s been a staple on that show.

New episodes of Pawn Stars air on Saturday at 9 PM ET.