Pearl Jam Rocks Out in First Show in Three Years, Debuts Six New Songs

by Madison Miller

For avid Pearl Jam listeners and those hopelessly enamored by the deep, rustling singing voice of Eddie Vedder, we were finally reunited by his skills and the rest of the gang’s talents on the big stage.

Pearl Jam just performed its first live show in more than three years. On September 18, Vedder, Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, Josh Klinghoffer, and Matt Cameron performed an electrifying show at the Sea.Hear.Now festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

The iconic band performed songs from the recent 2020 album “Gigaton.” The stellar introduction of these six songs was the first time they were played publically since their release.

Overall, Pearl Jam was set up for a long 20-song set that night. According to Variety, they opened the night with three new songs, “Dance of the Clairvoyants,” “Quick Escape,” and “Seven O’Clock.” Also played for the first time was Vedder’s song he wrote, “Superblood Wolfmoon” and Matt Cameron’s “Take the Long Way.”

The last time Pearl Jam performed in front of a crowd was on September 4, 2018. Due to the pandemic, the group, like the rest of the entertainment world, was forced to put a hold on performing live for their millions of fans.

Due to Pearl Jam setting up shop in New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen was rumored to make an appearance at some point. He, unfortunately, did not rock the stage alongside his longtime friends. However, Vedder did a cover of the Boss’ song “My City of Ruins.”

The show was meant to take place last year but was pushed back. Eddie Vedder spoke directly to the 30,000 people staring back at him several times. He once said, “We’re so glad you made it. We’re happy we could make it and I think we’re all gonna make it together.”

Getting Back to Work, Solo Projects

It all seemed to come pretty naturally for Pearl Jam. “Going into rehearsal, that part was a little bit daunting. Are we going to remember all these old songs that had been sort of muscle memory for 30 years? Fortunately, a lot of them still were there,” Jeff Ament, the bassist, said to Trib Live.

Ament spent part of the break from performing making his own solo music. He created “I Should Be Outside,” which is his fourth album so far.

Vedder’s first solo project was in 2007 when he released a soundtrack for the film “Into the Wild.” He recently released the single “Long Way” this month, which will appear on his upcoming album “Earthling.”

As for going solo and balancing Pearl Jam, it’s all gone pretty well over the years.

“Everybody’s been pretty supportive of one another in that regard. I think it just makes us appreciate each other so much. You’re putting on all the other guy’s ballcap. If you’re laying down a drum part or singing, singing in particular, the mastery of Ed, and what a poet he’s become, and how good and how fast he is. You really start to understand how special of a guy he is,” Ament said.

Luckily, solo projects just mean even more music for fans to eagerly digest. As for Pearl Jam, the show in New Jersey isn’t the last. The band will play for the next two weekends at Vedder’s Ohana festival over in Dana Point, California.