Peter Aykroyd, Former ‘SNL’ Cast Member and Brother of Dan Aykroyd, Dies at 66

by Shelby Scott

Saturday Night Live” cast member and writer Peter Aykroyd passed away Saturday at the age of 66. Throughout his long career in entertainment, Aykroyd held roles in a collection of films. He additionally both assisted and lead in writing a number of memorable pieces.

Peter Akyroyd first joined “SNL” in 1979 as both a writer and a featured player. While working on the evening show, the star received an Outstanding Writing in a Variety or Music Program. The star’s recognition came alongside a collection of several other writers.

Now, following Akyroyd’s death, Deadline took the time to highlight some of the star’s most memorable roles and projects.

In paying tribute to Peter Aykroyd, “SNL” announced the star’s death via a tribute card displaying the TV personality’s lifespan. The outlet stated they also shared Aykroyd’s film short, “Java Junkie.” The short features the writer and actor playing the character Joe.

However, alongside “SNL” and “Java Junkie,” Peter Akyroyd was crucial in the creation of several other hit projects. Most prominently, the writer created “PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal” and co-wrote, alongside Dan Aykroyd, the film “Nothing But Trouble.”

Aykroyd’s acting roles include a variety of works. These consist of “Nothing But Trouble,” “Coneheads,” “The Blues Brothers Animated Series,” and “Justice.”

Aykroyd, survived by his older brother and fellow writer Dan Aykroyd, was born on November 19th, 1955 in Ottawa. For now, we have no further information regarding the entertainment staple’s death. However, as more information becomes available, we’ll be sure to update Outsiders.

Peter Aykroyd’s Brother Celebrates ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Premiere

Peter Aykroyd’s death appears sudden, especially as we have little information regarding the writer and actor’s cause of death. However, we’ve also begun to wonder how the star’s older brother, Dan Aykroyd, is holding up.

Unfortunately, the sad news comes just after a significant career-high for the elder Aykroyd brother.

While Peter Aykroyd is most famous for his role on “SNL” prior to his death, Dan Aykroyd recently celebrated the premiere of the “Ghostbusters” sequel, “Ghostbusters: After Life.”

Alongside fellow film stars Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson, Aykroyd took to the red carpet 37 years after the first movie was released. The three stars appeared in the 2016 installment of the film, none of the actors took up their original roles.

Now, in the latest release, Aykroyd expressed excitement in starring in “Afterlife.” When speaking of his latest endeavor, the writer and actor said, “We just read [the script] and thought, ‘This is the right time.'”

For those interested in catching the latest reinstallment of “Ghostbusters,” be sure to head to theaters as the new release just premiered Friday, November 19th.