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Petition to Name LeVar Burton Next ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Racks in Over 65,000 Signatures

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Theo Wargo/WireImage via Getty Images)

There’s been no official announcement regarding the next “Jeopardy!” host. However, fans of LeVar Burton are ready for him to step into the role.

A petition has been started in the favor of LeVar Burton as the new “Jeopardy!” host. The online document’s nearing 70,000 signatures as of Saturday (Nov. 14) morning.

The petition’s on the platform called Change.org. Moreover, it’s a website that allows users to start any campaign they wish.

The description on Burton’s campaign says, “This petition is to show Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. and producer Mike Richards just how much love the public has for Burton.”

Burton’s known for several roles spanning over different generations. He hosted the well-known children’s series Reading Rainbow for years. However, others might remember him from the 1977 TV miniseries “Roots.” He played the role of Kunta Kinte. But most notably, Burton was also Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge in “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

LeVar Burton Responds to the Petition

As a matter of fact, LeVar Burton is taking notice of the campaign that’s been started in his favor. The actor even took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the complimentary nomination.

Burton writes, “Of course while I’m very flattered by the petition, my thoughts are definitely with Alex Trebeck’s family and his millions of fans and the devastating loss of this irreplaceable legend. #LongLiveAlex

Burton loves that his fans are still following him. Additionally, he also shares these thoughts. “Even if nothing comes from it, I can’t tell how much how I appreciate all y’alls love and support!🙏🏾❤️”

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Welcome the Idea

The petition, plus Burton’s response on Twitter, has some fans talking about the thought of the legendary actor hosting the game show.

Political activist Spike Cohen shares his thoughts on the matter. He writes, “Of all the names I’ve heard suggested to replace Alex Trebek on @Jeopardy, the one I’d like to see most as the new host would be @levarburton.”

As a matter of fact, former game show champ, James Pethokoukis weighs in, as well.

“Jeopardy! doesn’t need a hardcore trivia expert or champ to be its host. Do we think the host writes the questions or something? All I know is that LeVar Burton seems like someone you wouldn’t mind seeing five days a week. Such an obvious pick I think.”

Additionally, Roots frontman, Questlove, says, “I too said @levarburton should be the new host of @Jeopardy!!!!!”

There’s been speculation around several different people since the passing of Alex Trebek. Big names, especially those like Betty White, Anderson Cooper, and George Stephanopoulos, too, have been thrown into the mix. However, there’s been no official announcement yet as to who will be the next “Jeopardy!” host.

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