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Phil Robertson, ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star, Is Now Baptizing Fans

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Alex Wong / Staff / Getty Images)

Even though he isn’t filming “Duck Dynasty” anymore, Phil Robertson is still finding a way to connect with fans. Most recently, the 74-year-old has been baptizing a handful of them.

While speaking on the “Edifi with Billy Hallowell” podcast, Robertson says his first priority revolves around helping others discover faith. “All we’re doing is we’re reaching out to our neighbor, and we’re telling them to love their God, repent and turn to God, walk like Jesus did,” he said.

Robertson then mentioned how his own podcast, “Unashamed,” encouraged groups of people from his hometown in West Monroe, LA to be baptized. “They’re coming from that podcast … about nine or maybe 10 in the last three days — they’ve come all the way down here,” he said. “And I’ve baptized that whole little crew. Well, it’s that way every day or two. They just keep coming.”

In addition to sharing Christ with fans, Phil Robertson says he discussed the gospel with President Donald Trump. During a private meeting before the 2016 election, Robertson says he showed the President a diagram about his faith.

“I reached in my pocket and I pulled out a diagram of the gospel, an arrow coming down out of heaven — God becoming flesh — the cross, the tomb, and an arrow coming out of the tomb and the last arrow coming back down to earth,” Robertson said. “I said, ‘Whatever happens, Trump, don’t miss this.”

Robertson says he considers President Trump a believer. “I’m convinced he’s put his faith in Jesus and I’m convinced he’s a brother,” he said.

In conclusion, the father of five commented on the “mayhem” of the current state of affairs. “We’re at a tipping point and the forces of evil are going up against the forces of good,” he said.

Check out Phil Robertson’s full interview on “Edifi with Billy Hallowell” here.

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