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Phil Robertson Explains How Fire Destroyed Trackhoe: ‘Life is Short and Full of Trouble’

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Phil Robertson just released dramatic video that showed his $150,000 trackhoe going up in flames.

The Duck Dynasty patriarch said an employee had been using the excavator to clean up the “hundreds and hundreds” of trees that were knocked over on his property during Louisiana’s busy hurricane season. But something went wrong.

“The trackhoe is burning up!,” Robertson recalled of the phone call. Compounding matters, he said, is he also believes the insurance on the machine had lapsed, meaning he’ll have to “eat the cost.”

“That’s $150,000,” he said, “… as rednecks would say peed into the wind.”

The cause of the fire is unclear. The employee told Robertson that he had been using it but after stepping off he noticed the flames. The employee was uninjured, he said.

Robertson tried to find the silver lining.

“Life is short and full of trouble, but in the grand scheme of things,” he said, trailing off.

But he hasn’t lost his sense of humor through the ordeal.

“If somebody’s got a good price on a trackhoe give me a call,” he said. “I think this one is done.”

Phil Robertson Fans Want Him to Run For President

It’s not all bad for the Duck Commander. Phil Robertson‘s recent Instagram post about potential Thanksgiving travel restrictions because of the pandemic has some fans asking the reality star to run for president.

Some of his most supporters see his political posts as a way into office. At least, they hope the outspoken conservative Christian will one day run. In the comment of his most recent post, fans lined up to pledge their support.

“I wish you were president if Trump can’t be,” one person posted. Another woman used the hashtag #PhilRobertsonForPresident which has spread to a number of other posts about him.