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Phil Robertson Says He Hasn’t Worn A Face Mask Once During COVID-19 Pandemic

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Phil Robertson is known to share deep opinions and personal stories on his podcast. This time around, he’s sharing that he hasn’t worn a facial covering during the pandemic.

Jase Robertson starts off by saying how Joe Biden is seen wearing a face mask protected in some basement. On the other hand, Trump just beat the coronavirus and is upstairs doing a little dance.

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson replies by stating a rhetorical question, “Have you ever worn a mask during this thing? No.” Jase says well you’ve got your head thing, and Phil states, “I got my headband in case they say you got a mask. I say ‘ya see it on top of my head.’ They say ‘you ever worn that?’ No. They say have you worried about this?’ No.”

Phil continues with that he meets people every week and still gives them a fist bump. Then he says he still hasn’t gotten COVID-19. The point he’s trying to make is that this is what Trump is saying. That with or without the mask, you still have a chance of catching it.

In addition to his comments, Phil asks the pair on the opposite side of the table if they’ve had coronavirus. They answer with “no” but say that half the people they know have contracted the virus. They agree with Phil that these people quarantined and wore masks but still got sick.

Phil goes on to say, “That’s Trump’s point. It’s a microbe. It’s a pandemic. It’s going to weed out some. Others are just going to go on by.”

The three continue to talk about the election and how they feel about the country shutting down again.

Phil Roberston Makes a Revelation Regarding the Presidential Candidates

In another Youtube video published on Phil Robertson’s channel, he talks about how President Trump is “closer to Jesus.” He professes in the video that Trump is leading America on the right path and this is why he’s closer to Jesus.

“Trump is pro-God, pro-life, pro-self defense, pro-second amendment, pro-duck hunting.”

He believes that the words that come out of Joe Biden’s mouth are not Jesus-like, and neither are those that come from fellow Democrats.