Phil Robertson Says ‘Thank You’ To Brother Si and All Who Served on Veterans Day

by Quentin Blount

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson sent a thank you to all Americans in the U.S. armed forces on Veteran’s Day, highlighting two members of his family.

In light of Veteran’s Day, Robertson posted a message to his followers on Instagram on Wednesday afternoon recognizing all veterans for their service. However, he specifically highlighted his brother Si [Silas] Robertson, and his grandson-in-law Jay Stone, who served a tour in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army.

“To Si, Stone, and all the veterans out there, it can’t be said enough: Thank you. You have our gratitude and love today and every day,” Robertson wrote on Instagram. “And to all you young bucks: Listen to the stories veterans share with you. These are stories of American liberty.”

Phil Robertson Asks Americans to Continue Praying for Donald Trump

Today, Robertson was recognizing United States veterans on Veteran’s Day. Yesterday, however, he was imploring his fellow Americans to pray for President Donald Trump.

The Duck Dynasty star posted a screenshot from his Parler account asking for divine guidance for the President.

“Continue to pray with me for our country and President Donald J. Trump,” Robertson wrote.

Robertson has been an extremely vocal proponent of President Trump’s, especially leading up to the election.

In a video shared before the election, Phil Roberston’s tells his followers that he thinks Trump is the closest candidate to Jesus. Meanwhile, he quickly points out that Trump’s grounded in faith and that he’s important to the Robertson family.

Similarly, Robertson posted a recent picture urging his fans to vote for leaders who are aligned with “Jesus politics.”

“Vote for leaders who will promote religious liberty, protect our rights to practice Christianity in every public square, and live lives aligned with Jesus Politics,” the post reads.

Furthermore, Robertson’s invoked faith several times in the days leading up to and after the 2020 presidential election.