Phil Robertson Shares Message of Faith to ‘Unashamed Nation’ Alongside Black Friday Deals

by Quentin Blount

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is sharing a message of faith to his social media followers. He’s also hooking them up with deals on Black Friday.

Robertson took to Twitter on Friday afternoon to send a message to “Unashamed Nation.” He shared a message of faith, love and also 30 percent off of his “Unashamed” gear.

“God Reliance, Not Government Reliance. I Ride With King Jesus. Love Always Protects. Unashamed Nation,” Robertson writes on Twitter. “Yep, that about sums it up. Get the new Unashamed gear 30% off till Monday:”

According to Robertson, the special Black Friday deal will run over the weekend until Monday.

Phil Robertson Shares Thanksgiving Decoration Idea

Not too long ago, Robertson gave his fans a decoration suggestion that can be put to use for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Duck Dynasty icon posted his Thanksgiving decoration on Instagram on a couple weeks prior to the holiday. The decoration is a play on the Texas “Come and Take It” flag. However, this particular flag features a Thanksgiving turkey with the phrase “Come and Take It.”

He posted the photo with a caption that reads “Thanksgiving decorating suggestion…”

The original version of the flag has become a hallmark of Texas pride, with its “Come and Take It” message one of Texas’ most-defining slogans. It was the first flag to make an appearance in the Texas Revolution and almost 200 years later it is still seeing creative use, including that of Robertson’s.

Meanwhile, the famous flag can be found in Texas on a variety of items. You might find the flag or a version of it on shirts, neckties, underwear, license plates, album covers, food trucks, murals, hats, koozies, fraternity walls, and even tattooed onto the skin of some Texans.

Furthermore, the original version of the flag features a canon with the famous slogan on it. However, many different variations of the flag have been prominent over the years including some with guns and the “Come and Take It” message. And now, there’s Robertson’s version of it, which seems like a fitting outdoor decoration for Texans on Thanksgiving.