Phil Robertson Speaks Out About Kenosha Riots and Civil Unrest in the U.S.

by Matthew Wilson
Phil Robertson Speaks Out About Kenosha Riots and Civil Unrest

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson spoke out about civil unrest in the country. He also commented on the protests and riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin last month.

“Never join a mob hollering about your rights. Stay away from it. Don’t join up with them. Don’t hook up with them, rather expose them. It is pathetic to watch grown men and women carrying signs ‘I’m going to hell and I’m proud,'” Robertson said. He quoted a verse from the Bible, Ephesians 5:13. “When the lights go out and it’s dark, what these people do. But everything exposed by the light becomes visible. For it is light that makes everything visible.” 

In the video, Robertson criticized the Democratic party and also commented on the situation in Kenosha. In August, protesters and rioters took to the streets after the police shooting of Jacob Blake. A police officer shot the Kenosha native several times after an altercation. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers declared a state of emergency after three nights of violence and unrest.

“That’s when you’re walking in the light. Do you see Satan yet on your streets – Portland, Kenosha, wherever Wisconsin?” Robertson said. “Do you see the devil yet? ‘I don’t see any devil.’ Ha, they’re burning it down. ‘I don’t see the devil. The Democratic Party, well it’s mostly peaceful. I don’t see any darkness out there on the streets of America.’”

Phil Robertson commented on recent police shootings.

Robertson commented both on the police and the coronavirus pandemic. He criticized those who attacked police officers, as well as those who called for the abolishment of law enforcement.

“Shooting the servants of God who were sent to punish the wrongdoer. That’s why they’re shooting the police. The police weren’t put here to serve you. The police were put here to serve God as agents of wraith to punish the wrongdoer,” Robertson said in the video. “But when you lose your will to punish, you end up with what you now have. Chaos, bedlam, anarchy. We’ve lost the will to punish the wrongdoer. They arrest them, the police. They go the next day and they’re out. ‘We’re afraid you might catch the virus so we’re going to turn you loose.’ They go back to the street, and the darkness continues.”

The Duck Dynasty star has been outspoken on recent events in the country. Recently, Robertson publicly endorsed President Donald Trump in his bid for re-election and commented on Nancy Pelosi’s hair salon scandal.

Robertson closed the video with a reference between current affairs and Lazarus in the Bible. According to the Christian gospel, Jesus Christ raised Lazarus from the dead.

“Wake up old sleeper. Rise from the dead. Get out of that darkness and Christ will shine on you. Be very careful how you live, not as unwise but as wise,” Robertson said. “Can you see the devil and can you see Jesus by watching the behavior of the human race? Can you see it? Well are you nuts? Of course you can see either one of them.”