PHOTO: Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Son Posts Special Pic From Reunion With Siblings 2 Years After Mom’s Death

by Matthew Wilson

Dog the Bounty Hunter‘s son recently reunited with his two sisters for a very special occasion. They celebrated Mother’s Day. It’s been rough for the Chapman clan since they lost their matriarch, Beth Chapman. The reality star passed away two years ago to cancer.

Garry Chapman posted the family reunion to Instagram. His sisters Bonnie and Cecily came out to visit him. The trio decided to celebrate the Mother’s Day weekend together. He shared two pics of himself with his sisters and one picture of his parents: Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman.

He wrote, “My sisters came out this Mother’s Day to visit me so the three of us could be together conferring each other. Happy Mother’s Day mom, I know your up there smiling.”

In response, his family responded to the post. Dog the Bounty Hunter said he was glad to see his children together again. He wrote, “I am so proud to see all you kids together for your mom on Mother’s Day love you Dad.”

Cecily also commented, “I freaking love this brother I love you I miss you already so happy we got to be together.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman had two children together – Garry and Bonnie. Duane “Dog” Chapman also adopted Cecily as his daughter. She was Beth Chapman’s daughter from a previous marriage. In total, Beth had four children, and Duane Chapman had 12 children.

Beth Chapman passed away on June 26, 2019, following a battle with throat cancer. Duane Chapman mourned her death and described the first anniversary after her death. In an interview with the Sun, the reality star said he struggled to move past his grief.

“I would always sit here – cold, wet, raining – she always went,” he told the outlet. “Usually the weather stayed fine. But she loved it, we went five or six times.”

“In a lot of religions and a lot of beliefs, they mark it as a tradition on the one-year date that someone has passed away,” he said of the anniversary. “So sticking with tradition, we are having this memorial for Beth Chapman. We had two send-offs when she passed away, one in Hawaii and one in Colorado.”

But Dog the Bounty Hunter eventually found love again. He is currently engaged to Francie Frane, who he plans to marry in the near future.