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PHOTO: Elvis Presley’s Long-Time Girlfriend Linda Thompson Gets ‘Sentimental’ Wearing Jacket She Had Made for Him

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Tom Wargacki/WireImage

Elvis Presley, The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll and an all-around cultural icon, didn’t stay single for long.

With his seductive dance moves, No. 1 smooth songs, charming personality, and perfectly quaffed jet black hair, Presley would leave crowds of screaming women wherever he went.

The musical icon was married to Priscilla Presley from 1967 to 1973 until they eventually got divorced. She is the most-known partner of the rock ‘n’ roll singer. Priscilla even still has involvement in the Elvis Presley estate.

Linda Thompson Remembers Elvis Memory

However, Elvis Presley started dating someone new about five months after his divorce. He was dating his longtime girlfriend Linda Thompson, a songwriter and beauty queen. She even moved into the Graceland mansion with him.

Linda Thompson sometimes posts about her love affair with The King. She recently posed for an Instagram photo in a jacket that has a close connection to Elvis Presley.

“I had these beautiful matching motorcycle jackets made for Elvis and me many years ago. I must admit it was sentimental to try on Elvis‘s jacket today courtesy of a very generous collector at the Lone Star Elvis festival … honestly felt I was getting a hug from the jacket because it held so many memories for me,” Thompson wrote.

Her Instagram photos suggest she was at an Elvis tribute concert with various lookalikes performing Presley’s many hits.

Elvis Presley and Linda Thompson Romance

Thompson and Presley were not together too long before they broke up. The two dated for about four years. They split in November 1976 and Presley starting dating the last girlfriend of his life, Ginger Alden, soon after. Presley proposed to Alden a few months after they began dating.

It was Ginger Alden that discovered Elvis Presley after he had died suddenly in his Graceland bathroom on August 16, 1977.

After his separation from Priscilla Presley, Elvis had carried some of his issues from that relationship into his next one. He was not faithful to Priscilla, which is one of the reasons for the divorce. She eventually told him that she was having a relationship with a karate instructor, Mike Stone. Priscilla and Elvis had a rocky relationship throughout.

In her 2016 memoir, Thompson recalled parts of her passionate relationship with Presley. She recalled a moment in which he told her just how jealous he had grown to be.

“Don’t ever, ever, ever tell me about a guy that you think is handsome. Don’t ever mention a guy that you think is good looking, or a guy that you dated in high school or college. I don’t want to know anything about it,” Thompson wrote.

Priscilla Presley had made similar statements regarding the possessiveness that was a part of being with Elvis. According to Biography.com, she described herself as his “living doll to fashion as he pleased.” She had to color her hair the same as his and match his fashion sense. He even had porcelain caps placed on her teeth.