PHOTO: Lucille Ball’s Daughter Lucie Arnaz Poses Next to ‘I Love Lucy’ Inspired Mural in Long Beach

by Anna Dunn

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s daughter, Lucie Arnaz, just posted a joyful set of photos. They were taken on her trip to long beach. In one of the photos, Arnaz poses next to an I Love Lucy-themed mural. The mural says I Love Long Beach. In the others, she’s joking around on playground toys or posing with her friend.

“A business trip to Long Beach and some fun along the way with my favorite playmate, @suecameron222 , We never have ANY fun!!,” She joked in her Instagram caption.

The adorable selfies and the I Love Lucy tribute aren’t the only photos Arnaz has posted to her Instagram lately. She recently made another post on Mother’s day where she posted a photo of herself and Lucille Ball, who passed away in 1989.

“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! You did your best under insane circumstances and I will always be grateful,” The post said, “I love you. I want to wish all the mentors in my life a happy Mother’s Day!!”

The ‘I Love Lucy’ Star was a busy Mother Behind the Scenes

Lucie Arnaz spoke of her mother in a 2019 interview with Good Morning America. In the interview, she also said that watching ‘I Love Lucy’ helped her get through tough times. In spite of the fact that her Mom was a renowned superstar, her favorite moments were when Lucille Ball just got to be a mom.

“She was just home. She was just being mom, making sandwiches. Those were the magic times for me,” Arnaz said.

When it came to motherhood, Lucille Ball was all about responsibility. According to Arnaz, Ball was all about being pragmatic, whereas her father was the one who liked to let loose.

“[She’d say], ‘You’ve got to take care of business and you’ve got to brush your teeth and you’ve got to do your homework.’ My father [would say], ‘Let’s have a fiesta. Let’s cook and let’s have a good time.'”

Lucie Arnaz Working with Production on Film about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

Nobody likes a film about someone that totally misses the mark. Arnaz is working with the production team of Being the Ricardos to keep the authenticity alive. The film follows a week in the life of her famous parents as they work on the set of I Love Lucy.

In the same interview with Good Morning America, long before filming started, Arnaz expressed hopes that the film would be a nuanced portrayal of her parents.

“When [the film] is all over I want [people] to say, ‘I understand Desi. I understand Lucy, I understand why they fell in love. I understand why they couldn’t stay married. And I understand why that show worked the way it did.’ I think [Sorkin] accomplished that.”

Since the film about the I Love Lucy stars is still in production, it’s still a long while before we’ll get the chance to see it on the big screen. For now, those anticipating the movie can enjoy Lucie Arnaz’s adorably joyful Instagram posts and wait for more news on Being the Ricardos.