PHOTO: Mark Wahlberg Debuts Shaved Head After Making Major Physical Transformation for New Movie

by Emily Morgan

New hair, who dis? Mark Wahlberg’s new look will leave you with some questions. Recently the veteran actor debuted his physical transformation when he posted a pic of himself via Instagram.

On Thursday, the 49-year-old shared a photo of himself with a completely shaved head, writing in the caption, “New look.” In the comments, his followers couldn’t help but quiz him on the buzz. One social media user commented, “Oh dear lord, what happened?” While another fan wrote, “Where did your hair go?”

While many of his followers had some questions about the new cut in the comments, Wahlberg seemingly got the approval from the only person that matters: his wife. Rhea Durham, Wahlberg’s wife, revealed her thoughts of the shorter haircut, replying to the post with approving emojis. 

Wahlberg’s new buzz cut comes a month after he announced he plans to gain 30 pounds in six weeks for his role as a boxer-turned-priest in the upcoming film, Father Stu. Recently, he announced that, so far, he has gained 20 pounds and shared a before-and-after photo of his body transformation via Instagram. 

The post included a side-by-side photo of Wahlberg’s former toned physique next to a snap of his new 20-pound weight gain. According to the Ted star, he took the images only three weeks apart.

Mark Wahlberg Gets the Buzz for Upcoming Role

Wahlberg also updated his weight gain progress by sharing a video from a day at the gym. “I’m going up another 20. Yes it’s for a role,” he captioned the clip, showing off his soon-to-be-gone abs. 

The Daddy’s Home actor first spoke openly about his weight gain goals during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Apr. 8. 

During the interview, he opened up to Kimmel that he would be “eating lots of burgers and lots of buns” to put on the pounds and is “looking for all the help [he] can get.”

He also confessed that although some may think he’s eating whatever he wants, he’s actually been working with a “very smart” professional to help him transform his body. 

“They want me to do it as healthy as possible and I’m like ‘Dude, I’ve been on such a regimen for so long, I just want to eat everything in sight,’ ” he said.

“I want to go bakeries, I want to go to Denny’s, I want to get pancakes, I want to get everything I can possibly get my hands on,” Wahlberg added.