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PHOTO: Sharon Osbourne Makes Public Appearance With Rarely Seen Daughter Aimee

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

The Osbournes are one of the biggest families in entertainment. Ozzy has been a heavy metal icon for decades. Sharon Osbourne has been beside him for almost as long. Not only does she love and support the Prince of Darkness, but she also manages his business affairs.

The world was first introduced to Ozzy’s family in 2002 with “The Osbournes,” an MTV reality show. Two of the couple’s children have no problem sharing the limelight with their larger-than-life parents. Jack and Kelly Osbourne are both stars in their own right. The show helped to propel both of their careers. However, Ozzy and Sharon’s eldest daughter, Aimee chose not to take part in the show. In fact, the eldest Osbourne sibling is rarely seen with her family.

Last week Sharon Osbourne and Aimee were spotted out together in Los Angeles. The pair were doing a little shopping together when photographers snapped pictures of the mother-daughter duo.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s Eldest Daughter Has a Musical Career

Aimee Osbourne was in her mid-teens when “The Osbournes” premiered. At the time, she wanted no part in reality TV. She already had aspirations of being a singer and didn’t want the show to affect her future. At the same time, her relationship with Ozzy and Sharon as well as the other Osbourne kids stayed healthy.

Last summer, Aimee did an interview with Q104.3 in New York to promote her single “Shared Something With the Night.” In the interview, she briefly discussed her decision not to be on the reality show with Sharon, Ozzy, and the rest of the Osbourne family.

Unlike the rest of her family, Aimee says she truly valued her privacy. At the same time, she didn’t want the show to interfere with her plans for the future. About this, she said she wanted to, “Give myself the chance to develop into a human being as opposed to just being remembered for being a teenager.”

She went on to say that even though the show helped to launch Jack and Kelly to stardom, she has no regrets about not being on the show.  

“It definitely worked great for the rest of my family. But for me and who I am, I just knew it was never something that I would have been able to consider realistically,” she said.

Check out Aimee Osbourne’s band ARO’s single, “Shared Something With the Night.”