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Photo: Shirtless Elvis Presley Snapped in Front of Iconic Poster

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by 20th Century Fox/Getty Images)

A vintage photo has resurfaced of The King himself, Elvis Presley, losing his shirt in front of one of his most iconic concert posters.

“I never expected to be anybody important.” That’s a direct quote from The King himself. His estate’s official Instagram account is using Elvis’ words to caption a remarkable rare photo of the icon today.

Within, we see Elvis posing in front of a poster for an upcoming Las Vegas show. More importantly to fans, however, is the fact that he’s losing his shirt in said photo. Elvis may have been humble, but he was never shy.

While there is little context for this remarkable photo, a little research reveals it comes from 1956. That year, Elvis would receive his first taste of Las Vegas. Little did he know that the city would help him go on to become the most recognizable face, and name, in entertainment history.

Elvis Presley Rocks The New Frontier Hotel in April 1956

If Elvis looks young to you in the photo above – that’s because he is! At just 21-years-old, the fresh-faced future King was making his Las Vegas debut. It would be at The New Frontier Hotel in 1956. The poster seen above is for this very show, in which Elvis got his first taste of Vegas. From there, he would quickly learn what the “City of Sin” was all about.

In April of that year, Elvis’ manager Colonel Parker, booked him alongside Scotty Moore, Bill Black and D.J. Fontana “for a two-week engagement at the New Frontier beginning on April 23rd,” according to ElvisPresleyMusic.com.

For this performance, Colonel Parker gave Elvis the moniker the ‘Atomic Powered Singer’. “Since Nevada was the home of Atomic powered testing, Parker thought the name would be catchy,” the site’s newspaper archives recount.

Furthermore, the archives reveal that on April 21, the Las Vegas Sun reported ‘The handsome 21-year-old rock ‘n’ roller’s appearance in the latest Sammy Lewis production is considered to be the Las Vegas entertainment scoop of the year.”

“The young vocalist will be in one of the most lavish productions ever in the Venus Room,” Sammy Lewis himself said.

Elvis Presley would, of course, return to Las Vegas for much of his later career.