PHOTO: ‘Swamp People’ Stars are ‘Riding the Waves into the Weekend’ in New Post

by Jonathan Howard

The folks at Swamp People are ready for the weekend to get here. The official Twitter account of the History reality series shared a photo to mark the end of the week. Don Brewer and his partner are tearing through the swamp in the photo. The boat looks to be moving quickly and Brewer has his hat tipped for the occasion.

For over the last decade History has been entertaining audiences with their Louisiana-based series. The characters are absolutely something out of a book but are 100% real. With an inherently intriguing premise, hunting alligators in the swamps, the show continues to do well. When gator hunters like T-Roy Broussard aren’t fixing up old boats they are out there hunting for their livelihoods.

Although he emerged on the scene in the 11th season of the series, Don “Katt Daddy” Brewer has quickly gained a reputation. His fearlessness in the swamps and elsewhere has set him apart from his peers just two years into the show. As a former professional catfish noodler, Brewer had no prior experience hunting gators. After joining Jacob Landry as a deckhand, Katt Daddy really came into his own on Swamp People.

From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Don brags about being bitten by just about everything in the swamps. Skunks, snakes, raccoons, and more have made Brewer their victim, but none have gotten the best of him yet. When he isn’t trolling the swamps for gators or noodling fish, he might be fixing someone’s toilet or sink. Don is a master plumber on top of his already impressive hunting and fishing resume.

‘Swamp People’ Duo Boats into the Weekend

The success of Brewer comes from his toughness and integrity. So far he has done what is asked of him and been a great deckhand to Jacob. Both of these men are two of the hardest working on the show and deserve a good weekend after working so hard during the season. ‘

From Don’s first season on Swamp People, he has been unafraid to go straight into the dangerous waters. In season 11, Jacob and Don hit a dry run. During the short season that can cost a team their season if it doesn’t get fixed quickly. The two went right into the deeper water of the swamps and went after the largest bull gators in the area. The two would go after those large bulls multiple times in the season and find great success.

In the most recent season, season 12, Don proved himself to be more than just an efficient hunter. Katt Daddy made a slow-drip device to keep Jacob’s bait from drying out too quickly. The invention helped the two turn their luck around a bit, and impressed a lot of fans.