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PHOTO: Ted Nugent Downs Impressive ‘Alberta Beast Buck’ After Nearly Unsuccessful Hunt

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Joey Foley/Getty Images

It’s no big secret that Ted Nugent loves to hunt. He loves outdoor sport almost as much as he loves his guns or rock music. Recently, the rock star took down what he calls the “Alberta beast buck.”

It’s an impressive haul, made even sweeter by the fact that Nugent almost called it quits. The rock star revealed that he’s been roughing it the past few mornings and afternoons. Nugent has been out in the woods with hardly a buck in sight. But all that changed when the large horned beast crossed his path.

The proud hunter shared a picture of himself and his latest kill on Facebook, while offering a few prayers for his luck.

Nugent wrote, “Holy Mother of God say a prayer for the wild things & your old Uncle Ted! I have been skunked for many days in a row often never seeing an animal morning or afternoon! Rolled the dice tonight and went to the Buck Forage Oats food plot and got in the cedar Thicket treestand.”

“After about three hours I was about to drill a small doe when the Alberta beast buck arrived,” Nugent continued. “And I put a ColdSteel BoneSaw broadhead clean through his pump station! Say hallelujah and praise the Lord and His miraculous creation! Maybe I am the spirit of the wild”

Ted Nugent Loves to Hunt

Hunting has been one of Nugent’s great loves for years now. He didn’t just recently find a passion for the great outdoors and guns. In fact, he discussed hunting with David Letterman all the way back during the 1980s. Appearing on Letterman’s talk show, Nugent may have had a lot more hair then. But little else has changed in almost four decades.

“I think guns are a good tool that have their place where I can supply my family, friends, neighbors, and half the state of Michigan with fresh meat,” Nugent told the talk show host. “No, actually, I’ve never bought any beef. I hunt big game during the fall of the year, I don’t rock and roll. I like to harvest my own food instead of paying someone else to do my dirty work, you little wimp.”